Do you have experience or background in data analytics? Combine your existing knowledge with our online Data Analytics for Marketing graduate certificate to strengthen your skill set and advance your career.

Throughout the course of study, you will develop the data analytics skills you need to compete in today’s insight-driven market:

  • Develop consumer personas and segments that provide the framework to deploy targeted and personalized marketing treatments
  • Build predictive models that forecast individual consumer behaviors and enable proactive marketing communications
  • Use web and social media analytic tools to evaluate online interactions and identify new opportunities to generate consumer leads and build even stronger customer relationships
  • Incorporate best practice digital campaign testing and measurement approaches that accurately assess the ROI of marketing investments

This certificate is designed for working professionals who are eager to gain critical, in-demand data analytics skills. Upon completion of the certificate, students have the option to apply to continue and complete the full degree program. Earned credit from the certificate program will be applied toward the master’s program.