Support Emerson

The COVID-19 crisis has caused an increased need for financial support.

  • 75%

    of our undergraduates receive some type of financial aid

  • 38%

    increase in requests for additional aid from admitted students

  • $141K

    in emergency funds distributed to students for books, film, T passes, and other necessities


Our Most Urgent Priority

As the College races to adapt to a new education environment, one with new standards and safeguards, new technologies, and new methods of teaching, we face an unprecedented and urgent need to support a community in crisis. This is why the College is launching our most ambitious fundraising effort to date. Our commitment is to raise 10 million dollars in immediate-use financial aid over the next three years. See how your gift can support our areas of greatest need at a time when our students need it the most.


Your contribution could be the single deciding factor of someone’s entire life. It could be the one thing standing between them and their dreams.

Ready to Give?

If you know where you want to give your support, make your gift today.

We Are One Emerson

There is a collaboration and connection at the heart of what it means to be an Emersonian. We may be individuals but we have a shared respect for those who came before us and a shared sense of responsibility for those who’ll come after us. And right now, part of that responsibility includes giving back—giving back our experience to those who need advice, our words to those who need encouragement, and our resources to those who need our support. Together, we can show that we are one Emerson.