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Generous gifts from alumni, parents and friends provide vital support for academic programs and scholarships. They help the College maintain its status as a leader in education for communication and the arts and to enroll talented students who could not otherwise afford an Emerson education.

Why support Emerson?

College operations is equally as important, though not often thought about in the grand scheme of higher education. Ever wonder what keeps the lights on in the residence halls? How all of Emerson’s incredible theaters are maintained? Well, that all comes down to College operations.

Finally, support and student care help to maintain advising (like the Writing and Academic Research Center and tutors on campus), the Counseling Center, and Career Services.

Your Impact

Publications like the U.S. News & World Report use alumni philanthropy as a factor to rank Emerson among other colleges and universities within the country, which has an impact in determining the strength of your degree. Foundations and corporations also use these rankings as a factor when they evaluate grant funding.

A gift of any amount will do incredible things for current and future Emerson students—Emersonians are strong in numbers:

There are approximately 45,000 alumni; if everyone gives $5 a month, Emerson could provide an additional $2.3 million towards scholarships and financial aid packages. Think of the impact you can all have together:

  • Enroll the most talented students by offering competitive financial aid packages and an outstanding, hands-on educational experience.
  • Increase diversity on campus, and ultimately in the industry, by providing scholarships to promising students who would otherwise be unable to attend.
  • Recruit and retain a world-class faculty by providing ongoing professional development and research opportunities.
  • Fund special student opportunities, from the cherished EVVY Awards and Kasteel Well study abroad program in the Netherlands to our 2008 media coverage of the Beijing Olympics, and the nation's best campus radio station, WERS 88.9 FM.
  • Maintain superb resources, including a well-stocked library and state-of-the-art production facilities and studios.
  • Attract additional funding from corporations and foundations, many of which consider the percentage of alumni, parents, faculty, and staff who donate when deciding whether or not to make a gift.

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