Policy Statement

This policy is applicable to all College students, faculty and staff and to all others granted use of Emerson College’s information resources.

Reason for Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the protection of Emerson's information resources from accidental or intentional unauthorized access or damage while also preserving and nurturing the open, information-sharing requirements of its academic culture.

Statement of Policy

Users must respect the privacy of all members of the academic community. Users should understand that their files\email may be subject to access by employees of the College for many reasons. For example:

  • The College may be legally obliged to open files\email to assist local, state or federal authorities in an investigation or to conduct internal investigations into serious violations of College policy such as sexual harassment or unlawful discrimination.
  • Supervisors, in their capacity as supervisors, may access data in the files\email of personnel for whom they are responsible.
  • Similarly, administrators of the Emerson College network may access user files\email in the course of maintaining or securing a system or Website.

Although the College allows the use of its network and email to be used for personal use so long as it conforms to the Emerson IT Policies and The Data Classification, Access, Transmittal, and Storage Guide it is best advised for users to maintain a non-Emerson personal email account and data storage solution for non-Emerson related matters. All matters and data that concern the College must be kept within the College approved storage and email systems. Any personal data or email on College owned systems are subject to the same rules and policies for privacy as all College email and data.