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Film Art (Global BFA)

Combine digital filmmaking with traditional studio art practices in this innovative BFA program.

Through a groundbreaking new partnership with Paris College of Art, Emerson students now have an opportunity to study the art of film in the heart of Paris. Our innovative, intercontinental joint Global BFA in Film Art draws on the expertise and reputations of both Paris College of Art and Emerson College (through its Department of Visual and Media Arts), and spans venues in Paris, the Netherlands, and Boston.
In this one-of-a-kind degree program, you will benefit from the highest international standard of film and art education within an American academic framework. You will:

  • Spend each academic year in Paris, three summer residencies in Boston, and one summer residency in the Netherlands.
  • Create film and media art, including short experimental films and videos, gallery installations, web series, and public media art.
  • Analyze and challenge your own assumptions and frame of reference while adapting to become a citizen of today’s interconnected world.

You will also have unprecedented opportunities to combine digital filmmaking with traditional studio art practices while also engaging in media, cultural, historical, and critical studies. You will broaden your understanding of contemporary art discourses and techniques as you create your own film art. 

Throughout these academic and artistic experiences, you will collaborate with peers from around the globe and gain invaluable production skills and cultural fluency to enrich your career and life.

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