Graduation Ceremonies

Visit our Commencement website for the most recent information about graduation ceremonies.

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for awarding Emerson College bachelor’s and master’s degrees. All students must declare their Intent to Graduate by the following deadlines:

Graduating Semester Intent to Graduate Application Deadline Ceremony Date
Fall 2021 September 14, 2021 May 8
Spring 2022 January 24, 2022 May 8
Summer 2022*

April 28, 2022

July 1, 2022 for Speech@Emerson students

May 8

Emerson College holds graduation ceremonies once a year in May. Undergraduate students may only participate in one Commencement Ceremony. Graduate students may only participate in one Commencement and one Graduate Hooding Ceremony, which must occur in the same year. 

Students completing their degree in December 2020 and May 2021 are eligible to participate in the upcoming May 2021 graduation ceremonies.

Students completing their degree in August 2021 who wish to participate in a May 2021 ceremony may submit their Intent to Graduate. Their submission will be reviewed for issues, but not until the student has registered and paid for their final summer classes in March. August 2021 degree candidates who apply to graduate after April 1, 2021 are not guaranteed tickets.

Degree Conferral

The degree conferral date is the actual date your degree is awarded. It is listed on our diplomas and transcripts.

Note: Late arrival of final grades or late submission of the Intent to Graduate Application may delay the degree conferral until the next available date or the mailing of the diploma.

Official Conferral Dates

Emerson degrees are conferred three times a year. Please see below for official conferral dates and estimated diploma distribution dates.

Graduating Semester Conferral Date
Fall December 30th
Spring May 8, 2022
Summer August 30th

Estimated Schedule

Spring graduates who participate in the Commencement Ceremony will receive their diplomas at the ceremony. Fall and summer graduates, as well as spring graduates who do not participate in the ceremony, will have their diplomas mailed according to the following schedule:

Graduating Semester Diploma Mailing
Fall Early February
Spring Early June
Summer Early October