Study film in Prague at one of the top film and television schools in the world. Discuss politics and social justice in Athens, where Plato and Aristotle once learned and taught. Practice stand-up comedy in London, learning from local comedians as well as studying Shakespeare and the roots of British comedy. Learn French in the beautiful city of Paris. Take a creative writing workshop in a charming village in Ireland.

These are just a few of the incredible opportunities in stunning locales around the world that are offered during the summer and intersession as part of our Global Pathways Programs. Led by faculty from multiple departments and exploring topics such as screenwriting, public diplomacy, theater, art history, travel writing, film production, comedic studies, and marketing, there is a Global Pathways Program for every student.

Program dates vary, but all Global Pathways aim to incorporate cultural experiences that enhance your education, engage your curiosity, and enrich your Emerson experience. Learn more and apply below.

Eligibility & Application Process

To apply for any Global Pathways Program, students must have completed at least one semester of full-time study at Emerson before departure. Students must also be in good judicial and academic standing in order to participate. Additional eligibility criteria for specific programs is noted under specific program pages.

Only applications completed and submitted by the stated deadline will be considered. Faculty directors may contact applicants to complete an interview before receiving an admissions decision. Decisions will be granted as soon as possible, but by mid-February for summer programs and mid-October for intersession programs.

Summer Application Timeline

Most program applications will be open from November 1 through February 1 with the following exceptions noted below:

  • Prague Summer Film Program (September 15 through December 15)
  • Screenwriters' Lab in Patmos Program (October 15 through December 15)

Intersession Application Timeline

Most program applications will be open from April 15 through October 1.

Sydney, Australia

Global Perspectives on Public Relations

During this program, students will gain a strategic and technical understanding of international public relation topics, including media relations, social media, branding, media management, crisis communication.

Salzburg, Austria

Creativity, Media & Global Change

In this program, students will debate and examine the effect of media, digital culture and new technology on global issues and themes. This program is supported by Emerson’s Engagement Lab.

Santiago, Chile

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Summer Film Program

In this intensive course, students study at the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU), which is one of Europe's oldest and finest film academies and is rated one of the top film and television schools in the world.

Quito, Ecuador

Paris, France

French Language & Global Communication

Set in the beautiful city of Paris in the early summer, this 4-week program is designed to immerse students in French language and culture, allowing them to explore how France connects its past to present.

Berlin, Germany

Metropolis in Motion

This 4-week interdisciplinary program includes the study of history, visual arts, architecture, literature, and film. Students learn about how Berlin went from a small town to becoming one of the most important metropolises in the world.

Athens, Greece

Cities & Citizenry

This intense 4-week 4-credit program explores the ideas of influential thinkers and scholars from ancient Athens to current Greece. This class offers students the opportunity to rethink their idea of community, both local and global.

Patmos Island, Greece

Screenwriters’ Lab in Patmos

The remote island of Patmos, Greece, located on the beautiful Aegean Sea, is the setting for this 4-week intensive screenwriting course. Here students can hone and improve their film and television writing skills.

Ballyvaughan, Ireland

Rosarito, Mexico

Rosarito Public Diplomacy Workshop

This 3-week program will provide students with the opportunity to study public diplomacy and civic engagement in theory and practice in Rosarito, Mexico, with special attention to politics, economics, and culture.

Kasteel Well, Netherlands

James Baldwin Writers’ Colony

Write, workshop, and revise short works of creative fiction and nonfiction inspired by the literature of African-Americans who lived and worked in Europe. You’ll also work with contemporary Black writers and artists.

Travel Writing

Write and revise short works of creative nonfiction inspired by your time in Europe. This unique program brings together students from Emerson with students from the University of Hong Kong and Blanquerna University in Barcelona.

Barcelona, Spain

Art, Theatre, and Culture

This program offers students the opportunity to study visual art and theatre while experiencing Barcelona’s unique Mediterranean culture, as well as attend performances and visit the city’s famous museums.

Stockholm, Sweden

London, United Kingdom

From Shakespeare to Stand-Up

This program offers students the opportunity to experience British comedy in London, as well as in Edinburgh and Stratford-Upon-Avon. Students will get to visit famous London theatres and meet with local comedians.