Peer Tutoring appointments continue to be available to all students during the Summer 2021 and Fall 2021–Spring 2022 semesters as online appointments, by Zoom or other mutual arrangement between student and Peer Tutor.

The WARC follows Emerson College’s guidelines for Covid-19. You can find more information and updates here. If you feel ill or if you were recently in contact with someone who is ill or tested positive for Covid-19, please cancel any in person appointments and follow the guidelines in the link above. If you have any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19, please email covid19 [at]

The WARC's Peer Tutoring program is an off-site service designed to provide undergraduate student peer-to-peer content tutoring in a fixed number of high-demand courses each semester. Please see the list below with our current tutors and courses.

How to Schedule a Meeting

  1. E-mail any peer tutor directly to schedule a time for an on-campus session.
  2. Bring your class notes and books to each session.
  3. If you do not hear from a tutor within two days, contact peertutoring [at]

Supported Courses


MB 200 Principles of Business

  • Kristin He, zuer_he [at]
  • Michael Rubenstein, michael_rubenstein [at]

Communication Studies

CC 203 Intercultural Communication

  • Disneiruby Parra, disneiruby_parra [at]

CC 303 Survey Research Methods

  • Olivia Fone, olivia_fone [at]

Communication Science & Disorders

Support across all CD courses

  • William Forrester, william_forrester [at]
  • Thannia Sillasmontes, thannia_sillasmontes [at]
  • Amanda Meza, amanda_meza [at]
  • Zoe Walls, zoe_walls [at]
  • Melia Haani Luciano, meliahaani_luciano [at]
  • Lucero Montes De Oca Lopez, l_montesdeocalopez [at]
  • Meghan Baer, meghan_baer [at]

American Sign Language Levels 1–2

  • Kaitlyn Hunter, kaitlyn_hunter [at]


EC 203 Economics

  • TBD


Support across all undergraduate JR courses

  • Eryn McCallum, eryn_mccallum [at]

World Languages

Spanish, All Levels

  • TBD

Marketing Communication

MK 120 Communication, Media, & Society

  • TBD
  • TBD


MT 207 Statistics

  • Kristin He, zuer_he [at]
  • Michael Rubenstein, michael_rubenstein [at]

General Math Support

  • Disneiruby Parra, disneiruby_parra [at]


PS 101 Intro to Psychology

  • Olivia Fone, olivia_fone [at]

PS 200 Social Psychology

  • Lucy Ma, yunqing_ma [at]
  • Olivia Fone, olivia_fone [at]

PS 201 Abnormal Psychology

  • Lucy Ma, yunqing_ma [at]
  • Olivia Fone, olivia_fone [at]


PB 302 Copyediting

  • Chelsea Gibbons, chelsea_gibbons [at]


SC 213 Brain & Behavior

  • Chloe Allen, chloe_allen [at]

Performing Arts

Support across Performing Arts undergrad courses

  • Ethan Williams, ethan_williams [at]

Support Across Musical Theatre Courses and Music Courses

  • Jake Collins, jake_collins [at]

Visual and Media Arts

VM 100 History of Media Arts I

  • Lucy Ma, yunqing_ma [at]
  • Anastasia Bekis, anastasia_bekis [at]

VM 101 History of Media Arts II

  • Lucy Ma, yunqing_ma [at]
  • Anastasia Bekis, anastasia_bekis [at]

VM 200 Media Crit & Theory

  • Lucy Ma, yunqing_ma [at]

VM 221 Writing the Feature Film

  • Lucy Ma, yunqing_ma [at]

VM 261 Computer Animation

  • Meagan Dobyna, meagan_dobyna [at]

VM 265 Introduction to Photography

  • Lucy Ma, yunqing_ma [at]

VM 363 Advanced Computer Animation

  • TBA

Don’t See your Course?

If support for your class is not indicated on this list, please email the program coordinator at peertutoring [at] The WARC has many resources available to students and aims to accommodate all student need with the appropriate form of academic support.