Ways to Give to Emerson

Our Major Funds

Faculty, staff and alumni may elect to make contributions to College-held funds to support the ongoing work of the college.

Annual Fund

The Emerson College Annual Fund is an unrestricted fund designed to raise money for Emerson’s area of greatest need. The purpose of the Annual Fund is to encourage alumni, parents, friends, faculty and staff to support Emerson College annually. Gifts to the Annual Fund provide vital support for academic programs, scholarships, and other financial aid for current students.

Educating students is a large part of what the Emerson Fund helps to accomplish each year. Most people do not know that tuition only covers 60–70% of the actual cost for a student to attend the College. The Emerson Fund plays a large role in bridging the gap, and your own Emerson experience was largely supplemented by the generosity of alumni, faculty, staff, friends, corporations, and foundations. Additionally, these funds are distributed throughout the year to different departments and student organizations on campus.

The Emerson Annual Fund supports every aspect of the College—students, faculty, academic programs, residential life, student organizations, facilities, and more. Gifts to the Annual Fund are immediately available to support Emerson students.  

Gifts to the Annual Fund provide vital support for academic programs, scholarships, and financial aid for current students. Support from generous alumni, parents, and friends also helps to increase diversity on campus, retain world-class faculty, fund special student opportunities, and maintain superb resources. 

Making a gift to the Emerson Annual Fund provides today’s students with the resources to thrive. You will give these students access to 
a powerful college education—one that allows them to spark powerful change. 

Make a Gift to the Emerson Annual Fund

We are pleased to present this year’s Donor Honor Roll and recognize all those who contributed $1,000 or more during the past fiscal year. The combined efforts of these individuals, organizations, and donors at all levels raised over $10,800,000 – the highest in Emerson College history. On behalf of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni, we sincerely thank you for your generous support. Because of you, we have a stronger community of artists and communicators pursuing innovative engagement and academic excellence.

The honor roll of donors recognizes giving of $1,000 from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018, unless anonymity has been requested.

Despite our best efforts to ensure accuracy, errors sometimes do occur. If your name was inadvertently omitted or you prefer a different listing, kindly let us know by caroline_preneta [at] emerson.edu (emailing Caroline Preneta)

View the Yearly Donor Honor Roll 

President’s Society

The President’s Society is an exceptional group of alumni, parents, and friends who invest annually to help make today’s students tomorrow’s leaders. Annual gifts from members help further the mission of Emerson College and support the promise of a state-of-the-art and innovative education in communication and the arts.

The generosity of President’s Society members enables Emerson to continually improve and expand to meet the needs of its students and community.

The President’s Society recognizes donors who make gifts of $1,000 or more annually to Emerson.

Graduates of the Last Decade

Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) alumni who are interested in joining the President’s Society can do so with an annual gift of $250 or greater (one to five years since graduation) or $500 or greater (six to ten years since graduation).

For more information on becoming a President’s Society member or making a gift, please contact Anna Biller, Director of Annual Giving, at 617-824-8547.

Parents Fund

The Parents Fund supports the distinctive qualities that set Emerson apart from other colleges and universities. Emerson families fuel their students’ confidence and creativity throughout their college journey and a gift to the Parents Fund goes to work immediately. 

The resources provided by the Parents Annual Fund are dedicated directly to improving the quality of the student experience at Emerson. Of course, parents contribute through tuition, room and board, and by supporting their children in myriad ways. At the same time, however, Emerson faces unanticipated challenges and opportunities every year, and a consistent stream of unrestricted philanthropic dollars allows the College to seize those opportunities and make the student experience even better.

A gift to the Parents Annual Fund helps to maintain and expand the resources that allow our students to succeed. With the support of engaged parents and families, Emersonians can spark powerful change. 

The level of excellence at Emerson College is enhanced by the generosity of parents who support our mission. The Parents Annual Fund has an immediate impact on college priorities, including:

  • Investing in distinguished faculty
  • Enhancing scholarship programs
  • Expanding our academic footprint beyond Boston, Los Angeles, and the Netherlands 
  • Establishing new programs and extraordinary learning opportunities

Make a gift to the Parents Annual Fund to fuel the kind of passion, collaboration, creativity, and ambition that our world needs.

Make a Gift to the Parents Annual Fund 

Gift Specifics

Your gift enables Emerson to maintain its status as a leader in education for communications and the arts and to enroll talented students who could not otherwise afford an Emerson education. Your support also helps to increase diversity on campus, retain world-class faculty, fund special student opportunities, and maintain superb resources. When staff, faculty or alumni give, it shows their confidence in and commitment to what Emerson is all about!

Can I direct my gift to a specific area?

Yes! Where your gift goes is entirely up to you. Give to support the organization or department that means the most to you. You can also choose to direct your gift to the Emerson College Annual Fund to support the things the college needs the most.

What if I can only give a small amount?

The most important thing to remember is: EVERY GIFT HAS AN IMPACT! Any gift, no matter the size, makes a difference to the lives of Emerson students. And think, a lot of small gifts add up to a big number! And, if you are an alumnus or alumna of the College, your support helps to increase Emerson’s alumni participation rate, which influences Emerson’s national ranking.

How can I make a gift?

The easiest and most secure way is to give online at www.emerson.edu/giving. You may also mail your constitution to:

Emerson College Annual Fund
120 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116

If you would like to make a gift of stock or plan to include Emerson in your will, please call us at 617-824-8542.

When should I give?

Emerson’s fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30 each year. If you make a pledge through a mailing or the phonathon, you will receive reminder notices. Many donors choose to give before the end of the calendar year to take advantage of IRS tax benefits. 

United Way and Community Works

These local programs provide opportunities to support numerous programs across the region based on the many programs that support health and wellness programs, hunger, literacy programs, AIDS prevention, homeless shelters and social justice programs. Representatives from Community Works and United Way will be at the benefits fair to answer your questions. You may participate in these programs through a one time or recurring gift by payroll deduction. Program information is available at www.supportunitedway.org and www.communityworks.com.

Information on how to pledge to United Way and/or Community Works through Emerson online is available at www.ipledgeonline.org/_emerson.