Where to Give

The One Emerson Scholarship Fund

COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives, but we know that we are not all experiencing this pandemic the same way. For some of our students, the economic crisis will force them to interrupt or completely end their Emerson education. Their families are having to make the choice between keeping their kids in school and keeping households afloat. Between buying the textbooks their student needs for class and paying rent this month. Some depended on financial aid dollars long before the pandemic hit and have only seen their situation worsen. Others are facing new and urgent need due to sudden loss of jobs and access to resources.

We wish our students were all in the same boat, but the truth is they’re not.

What they are, and will always be, is part of our Emerson family. A family that dreams, creates, builds, informs, and shapes the way the world communicates, entertains, and expresses itself. A family that stands together even when we’re apart. A family that is one Emerson. A family in need.

That is why we created the One Emerson Scholarship Fund; to help our family in need and to work towards a world where no student will have to leave Emerson because of the new economic realities. Your gift will provide these students with access to financial aid dollars. Dollars that will keep them on course, unburden their families, and allow them to continue pursuing the dreams they’ve worked so hard for.

The COVID-19 Impact Fund

Covid-19 has challenged the Emerson community in ways we never imagined possible. Over the past months, the College has had to reinvent the ways it supports its core mission. And we are not done yet; the urgency of the pandemic is still very much present and continues to push the College to support and protect its students, faculty, and staff in new ways. From weekly testing in partnership with Tufts Medical Center and the Broad Institute, to the purchasing of Personal Protective Equipment for community members, additional cleaning services, temporary space modifications, outside consultants, and rental of off campus housing and classroom spaces allowing us to de-densify campus, the College has incurred over 6.7 million dollars in unforeseen expenses. And this number continues to grow.

Your gift to the COVID-19 Impact Fund will go toward helping all members of the Emerson community stay safe and focused on what they do best: teaching, supporting, experimenting, innovating, and moving the world forward.

The Empower Fund

Empower: that is what Emersonians do. Through creativity, communication, innovation, and art. Through advocacy and justice. Emersonians empower. They empower each other, and they empower those who may not be able to empower themselves.

And that is what your gift to the Empower Fund will do; through unrestricted support, you will help to create unrestricted possibilities. Your gift to the Empower Fund (formerly the Emerson College Annual Fund) supports the most critical needs of the College—students, faculty, academic programs, residential life, student organizations, facilities, and more. Gifts to the Empower Fund are budget relieving and immediately available to support Emerson students in all aspects of their Emerson journey. It will encourage creativity and enable innovation, while strengthening confidence and autonomy. Your gift will empower Emersonians.

The Parents Fund

As the College adapts to a new education environment, one with new standards and safeguards, new technologies, and new methods of teaching, we face an unprecedented and urgent need to support a community in crisis. To create a safe environment where your student and their peers can not only continue to learn and create, but to thrive. And we need your help to do it.

A gift to the Parents Fund provides immediate resources to ensure students continue to benefit from everything that the College has to offer. Gifts of any amount are critical to maintaining the Emerson that we know and love. Your support – in all its forms – enriches the Emerson experience both inside and outside the classroom and impacts every student every day.