What if I have COVID-19 symptoms?

Before arrival on campus, if you or anyone you are traveling to Boston with experience any COVID-19 symptoms en route or two weeks prior to arrival, do not report to campus. Contact Campus Life at 617-824-8640 for guidance. 

Once on campus/in Boston, stay in your residence hall room/suite or your off-campus residence if you have any COVID-19 symptoms. Do not come to campus or move about campus. Contact the Center for Health and Wellness at 617-824-8666. Depending upon your individual circumstances, you may be required to quarantine or isolate.

What if I tested positive for COVID-19 before arriving for the Spring semester?

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 since leaving campus in November, or if you were not attending the Boston campus in the Fall but tested positive, you must send a copy of that test result to healthservices [at] emerson.edu. Per CDC guidance, you should not test again for 90 days from the date of the positive test result. 

What if I test positive for COVID-19?

Should you become symptomatic or be deemed symptomatic while conducting your baseline test at Tufts Medical Center, you will not be able to move into your assigned residence hall room and will be instead assigned a temporary quarantine space on campus. Campus Life staff will work with you to make arrangements.

If you test positive for COVID-19 once on campus, contact the Center for Health and Wellness at 617-824-8666. —Once you have tested positive for COVID-19, the protocol is:

  • Seek and follow medical guidance to mitigate your symptoms
  • Monitor your symptoms
  • Self-isolate until your symptoms are gone
  • To be cleared by the Center for Health & Wellness to return to campus, two requirements must be met:
    • You must be symptom and fever-free (without use of fever-reducing medication) for 72 hours; and
    • 10 days must have elapsed since onset of your symptoms.

Please note that all those who have tested positive for COVID-19 will not be required to re-test for 90 days unless experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and instructed to do so by either the Center for Health and Wellness or a primary healthcare provider.

If you have tested positive and are well enough to participate in classes remotely, you should contact your professors to make arrangements to do so. If you are not able to participate for an extended period —due to illness, complete the Absence Notification to Faculty Request.— If you remain ill for a further period of time and are unable to successfully complete the requirements of the course, consult with your professors and the Office of Student Success (617-824-8650) to determine whether a leave of absence, incomplete grades, or other options would be most appropriate.

What if I am exposed to a positive case of COVID-19?

  • The CDC currently defines exposure to COVID-19 as having contact for 15 minutes or more at a distance of less than 6 feet with an individual with known or suspected COVID-19. 
  • If you were notified by a contact tracer that you were exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19, they will provide you with the protocol and information on where to go for testing.
  • If you learn that you have been exposed to a positive case of COVID-19, notify the Center for Health and Wellness at 617-824-8666.
  • You will be required to be tested at the Tufts Medical Center Clinic near campus.
  • Depending on the circumstances, quarantine may be required —for 14 days even if your test is negative and you have no symptoms.

If I travel, must I quarantine upon return?

The College asks that during the Spring 2021 term, students do not travel away from their on- or off-campus residence overnight. Students who plan to be away from their campus residence (on- or off-campus) overnight are required to complete the Emerson College Travel Registration Form prior to leaving. This applies to any student (graduate or undergraduate) who is enrolled in Flex Learning courses or who visits campus routinely.

*This applies to travel to any location inside or outside Massachusetts, including within the Boston region. If you travel, please be prepared to self-quarantine upon returning.