Emerson participates in the Safe for School Testing Program and purchased COVID-19 PCR tests from the Broad Institute (Cambridge, MA), joining several other independent colleges and universities. Emerson has further engaged Tufts Medical Center as a partner to provide logistical and clinical support for the College’s testing protocol. —Tests will be administered at Tufts Medical Center, located at the corner of Kneeland Street and Harrison Avenue.

Please note that only tests administered by Tufts Medical Center will be accepted by Emerson College.

As noted in Preparing and Returning to Campus, all community members returning to campus are required to participate and conduct a baseline COVID-19 PCR self-swab test prior to arrival on campus or on the day of move-in for a residential student. Following the baseline test, students are required to do testing every four days using the self-swab PCR test through the end of the fall semester. —Students who do not do their required testing every four days may have their card access to buildings turned off and may be subject to Community Standards sanctions. Please refer to the Testing and Symptom Checking Policy.

Students who have a test that comes back positive will be required to isolate themselves. —See What if I test positive for COVID-19? below for more information.