We are Emerson. As a commonwealth of learners, we are both innovative and resilient in all we do. We care for ourselves and each other. We care for each other in the classroom, in our residence halls, in our buildings, on our sidewalks, in our student organizations, and in our offices. We have a responsibility to take care of each other.

As an engaged community member, I show care for every Emersonian.

I show care for myself by: 

  • Wearing a face cover and practicing social distancing throughout campus
  • Completing all daily symptom tracking and testing requirements 
  • Reporting any potential exposure to COVID-19 
  • Practicing good hand hygiene
  • Staying up to date with vaccinations, including getting a flu shot
  • Reading, responding, and staying in contact with the Center for Health and Wellness as needed
  • Maintaining relationships with my classmates and colleagues virtually
  • Staying informed about community news on health and safety

I show care for my fellow Emersonians by: 

  • Staying informed about campus news and policies
  • Wearing a face cover in all classes, meetings, film shoots, activities, and social gatherings
  • Observing the posted room capacity in all Emerson College spaces
  • Keeping 6 feet of distance between myself and other Emersonians
  • Following the current guest and visitor policy for all events, activities, meetings, and social gatherings. 
  • Cleaning up and sanitizing after using a space
  • Getting tested, following tracking guidelines, and reporting potential symptoms (i.e., cough, shortness of breath, fever over 100.4, etc.)  
  • Staying home if I am sick (i.e., remaining home/in my residence until directed to report for testing/evaluation and following any subsequently required isolation or quarantine period) 
  • Not putting myself in high-risk situations (i.e., parties) and if I do, reporting my potential exposure 
  • Refraining from overnight travel
  • Not eating indoors with others who I do not live with, including within common areas
  • Acknowledging that there will be no College-sponsored travel (e.g., for organizations, conferences, teams) until further notice.

I know my actions can impact the entire campus community. It’s important to take community health seriously. I acknowledge I will be held accountable for my decisions and behavior if I fail to comply with this compact, including being asked to leave campus and/or campus housing.

I have read and understand the Emerson Compact and I agree to follow all guidelines to keep our community healthy. I am a proud Emersonian, and I commit to doing my part to keep our community safe and healthy.