Student Employment

Student employment will be available on campus this fall. Some positions that have traditionally existed will continue to be available. Given that many departments’ operations have been modified due to COVID-19, other positions that have existed in the past may not be available right now, while some new positions may be created. Please check the Student Employment webpage for more information as we near the start of the fall semester. 


For this fall, textbooks can only be ordered online from the Emerson College Bookstore. The space that typically houses the Bookstore Annex (10 Boylston Place) will be repurposed for additional dining seating since it is located close to the Dining Center. The main Emerson College Bookstore (114 Boylston Street) will serve as the textbook pick-up location. From August 21 through September 4, the bookstore will serve only as the textbook pick-up location and not as a general bookstore or Emerson merchandise shop.

Campus ID Cards

The ID Office will continue to be located in the lobby of 150 Boylston Street. Office hours will be limited. Incoming first-year students living in campus housing will receive their ID when they move in. Transfer students will receive them from the Orientation team. As of this writing, graduate student IDs will be distributed through the ID Office.

Replacement IDs for returning students can be picked up at the ID Office during the first week of classes. If a student has lost or needs to replace their ID for other reasons during the semester, they should pay the ID replacement fee online. Once payment is received, an ID will be printed and students will be contacted with a pick-up time at the ID Office.