The Office of Research and Creative Scholarship has several forms for members of the Emerson College community. These forms help initiate funding searches, gain pre-approval for external or internal grants, assist grant applicants with developing a budget, and more. Anyone who needs assistance with these forms may contact us

The Office of Research and Creative Scholarship has also compiled a list of institutional data. This data is extremely helpful when applying for external grants, and features common information that a majority of grants ask for. This page includes a link to the College's mission statement and history of the College, a short description of the College, Indirect Cost Rates, and more.

Funding Search Request Form

If you are interested in the Office of Research and Creative Scholarship performing a custom search for funding sources for you, please use the following form below.

Pre-Approval Forms

Members of the Emerson Community who are thinking of applying for a grant, whether external or internal, must complete the appropriate Pre-Approval form. Those filling out an External Pre-Approval Form must also complete the Financial Conflict of Interest in Research Disclosure Form (below).

Budget Forms

The following budget forms are made available by the Office of Research and Creative Scholarship

Grants Management Forms

The following forms were developed by the Office of Research and Creative Scholarship to aid principal investigators and project managers in the financial and administrative management of existing grants and externally funded projects.

Internal Grant Application Forms

Please see the corresponding Internal Grant Programs for information on how to access these forms.

Internal Grant Final Report Forms

The following forms are to be used for the final report process of the Faculty Advancement Fund Grant (FAFG) and the Presidential Fund for Curricular Innovation (PFCI).

NSF Data Management Plan

The National Science Foundation (NSF) now requires that all requests for funding contain a data management plan (DMP) addressing how the proposed project will comply with the agency's data sharing policy.

Human Subjects Review/IRB Forms

The following forms are related to Human Subjects Review/IRB and have been gathered here for your convenience. Before filling out the forms, please read the information on the Human Subjects Review/IRB site.