Award Description

The Huret Faculty Excellence Award supports tenured faculty research, creative projects, and innovative pedagogies and assessment on an annual basis. The goal of this award is to build a great professoriate by supporting and incentivizing associate professors to strive for promotion. Over a five-year period, one-semester leave awards are available for one to three faculty members each year to explore new creative, scholarly or research areas or to complete a project with the goal of moving toward promotion to full professor. The purpose of the leave award is to provide a bridge for faculty who have received tenure but who need some focused time to change a research direction, launch or complete a project, or to re-vitalize existing work.

Note: The Huret Faculty Excellence Award is a research leave that is an exception to the Handbook (13.1) since it is internal; it counts as continuous service toward promotion, but not as full-time service, since there is no teaching involved, and hence not toward time-at-the-College for sabbatical purposes.


All tenured associate faculty members are eligible to apply. Applicants who do not secure an award may re-apply in the future. The semester that faculty return to teach, they will need to teach three courses. Recipients may reapply in a subsequent year, but preference will be given to those who have not previously received the award. This award is not meant to be used in conjunction with a sabbatical. Preferance will be given to those who have not had a sabbatical recently and those who are not eligible for one soon.

Selection Criteria and Procedure

The Deans' Council will review the applications and determine the number of leaves with a maximum of three annually. All applications will be reviewed within the context of the College’s mission and strategic initiatives:  academic excellence, global and civic engagement and innovation.

Applications will be judged by the following criteria:

  • Importance of the project
  • Contribution to the field and to the career of the applicant
  • Quality and clarity of the written proposal
  • Feasibility of the project
  • Clarity of the conception of the project

Application Process

Completed applications should be no longer than three pages, double-spaced and must be accompanied by a current curriculum vita. They should be sent to the Dean and to the Provost. The application should address:

Proposed Project

Clearly describe the basic ideas and questions to be addressed by the proposal project and its theoretical or creative basis. In what ways will the research or creative work contribute to the field? Where will the work be done? What is the methodology? How much will be accomplished in the leave period and what are the plans and timetable for completing the project? Why is this award important for the faculty member’s career? How will this advance the faculty member toward promotion? How will this contribute to Emerson generally and/or its strategic priorities?

Evaluation of Award Effectiveness

Awards will be evaluated on the following: 

  • within the framework of the proposal, progress, completion, or submission of the product created during the leave,
  • manuscript submitted to a conference or journal,
  • work submitted to a juried competition,
  • reflection by the faculty member on the project or leave, and
  • its impact on the field and their career. 

All award recipients will need to submit a written report about the work completed during the first month they return to the College; inclusion of creative work, published work, or work-in-progress is welcomed.

The Deans' Council will meet with Judy and Bob Huret after two years to assess the applicants, recipients and impact. At this time, recipients of the award will be invited to share their perspectives at a lunch with the deans and the Hurets.