Our Mission Statement

The Office of Community Standards facilitates the Student Code of Community Standards to ensure that Emerson is a safe and comfortable community to learn, live, and work. The office is committed to balancing the needs of the student and greater campus community by promoting community standards and responding to student misconduct in a fair, consistent, and educational manner. We provide students with individualized opportunities for growth so that they may develop into engaged and ethical citizens. In order to accomplish this mission, the Office of Community Standards is guided by the core values of respect, educational opportunity, accountability, civility, honesty and integrity (REACH).

Core Values (REACH)


Our community standards are based on respect for oneself and others, as well as respect for diversity, our campus community, and the greater community.

Educational Opportunities

Our conduct process is at its core, a learning experience. We aim to provide students with opportunities to learn from their actions and decisions through thoughtful conversations and intentional sanctions. In addition, we strive to provide learning opportunities for the entire campus community through proactive programming.


Our goal for students is that they individually hold themselves accountable for their actions, both positive and negative, and that they inspire others to abide by Emerson’s community standards.


Our approach is rooted in care, concern, compassion, and patience. Recognizing that we are all individuals with diverse experiences, we engage in dialogue and encourage students to reflect on how their actions impact others.

Honesty & Integrity

Our belief is that communicating truthfully and taking ownership of our actions exhibits moral courage. We do not believe that a student’s college experience is defined by involvement in a difficult incident, rather, it is shaped by how they choose to respond.

Code of Community Standards

The Code of Community Standards serves to protect the rights of Emerson College community members as well as the rights of students reported to have violated the College’s Community Standards.

Student Conduct Process

The Student Conduct Process is an educational process seeking to create a safe learning, living, and working community where teaching, scholarship, and creative work thrives at the highest level.

Report a Violation

If you are concerned about an Emerson College student not upholding the College’s Community Standards, please report your concern to the Office of Community Standards.

Contact Us

If you have any concerns or would like to know additional information about the Code of Community Standards, please reach out to our office.