Summer 2020 Applications

Applications for Summer 2020 are closed.

Summer Intern Housing

Our Summer Intern Housing program is your home away from home; this program offers summer accommodations to students completing internships in both Boston and Los Angeles. Eligibility for the program is determined based upon demonstrated financial need.

About the Program

The Summer Intern Housing Program provides on-campus housing to Emerson students completing low-pay or unpaid internships in either Boston or Los Angeles. Internships must be completed within the timeline of the program (Boston: May 17 – August 17; Los Angeles: May 25 – August 7).

Please be aware that this is a highly competitive program for current students. The offerings for this program, along with its eligibility requirements, are outlined below.

Free Housing

Students accepted into the program will receive free on-campus housing from Emerson’s Boston or Los Angeles campuses. Housing is provided between May and August. Program Dates are as follows:

  • Boston: May 17 – August 17
  • Los Angeles: May 25 – August 7

Professional Development Series

Students are expected to attend a series of weekly professional development dinners and workshops, organized by Emerson College’s Board of Advisors. These discussion-based events will focus on a variety of career topics, including personal branding, networking, and much more.

How to Apply

Given the high level of interest in this program, students are required to turn in a completed application to be considered for this opportunity. Applications must include information regarding the internship(s) a student intends to apply to, or the internship(s) a student has already applied to. A written component describing the student's interest in the program is required as well. Further eligibility requirements are listed below.

Students must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Rising Junior or Senior
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Demonstrated Financial Need*

Students do not need to have a confirmed Summer internship to apply to the program, however, they will need to provide evidence of internships they intend to apply to or applications they have already submitted. Students are encouraged to use the Career Development Center to assist with their search.

*Financial need is determined by Emerson College’s Office of Financial Aid.