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Archives & Special Collections Closed

Due to COVID-19, access to the Archives & Special Collections is closed until further notice. Our staff members are working remotely, so please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.

About Us

ECASC is a department in the library that documents the history of the College as well as the history of topics and issues that complement the College’s curriculum. Staff members do this by collecting, preserving, and providing access to documents, objects, and artwork that fall under two categories:

  • institutional records created by College faculty, staff, student groups, and affiliated organizations; and
  • historical collections created by outside individuals, organizations, and groups that focus on such subjects as the history of the College; radio, television, and film; journalism; communication disorders; and comedy in all its forms.

The work of ECASC’s staff members is steered by the belief that the purpose of archives is to allow people to examine and understand both the past and present; archival materials should be accessible to as broad an audience as possible; and historical materials can be used in many different capacities, including research, creative, and personal projects.

For information about accessing our materials, please view our Research Services page.

Policies & Procedures

ECASC has created several different policies and procedures to ensure that our materials are appropriately acquired, accessed, and shared.  If you have any questions about the documents below please contact us at archives [at]

What We Do


We have created digital exhibits, historical documents and objects of Emerson College and collections from the American Comedy Archives.

Research Services

The research services at Emerson College provide access to rare archival materials for all sorts of purposes. Learn more about the guidelines and how you can make an appointment.

Donations & Transfers

ECASC accepts donations of materials from non-affiliated individuals and groups that focus on the history of the College and/or subjects pertinent to its curricula. Examples of these subjects include comedy; film, television, and radio; journalism; performing arts; and theatre. We accept both physical and digital records as well as objects.

Records Management

Sometimes it can be difficult to know how long you should be keeping the records you create and receive during your work here at Emerson. Should you keep everything or get rid of materials as soon as possible Emerson College’s records management program is here to help you answer these and any other questions you have about your digital and physical files.

Contact & Staff Info

We are here to help, please contact us with any questions or requests related to archives, special collections, digital collections, or records management.