If you’re passionate about communication and want to study at Emerson—one of the top communication schools in the country—our School of Communication Discovery Program may be right for you. This program is designed for incoming first-year students who wish to study communication but have not yet decided on a major.

In this program, you will have the chance to develop a strong foundation in communication while honing your interests and exploring a wide range of majors available to you. You’ll have the unique opportunity to take classes in subjects spanning the School’s four academic departments: Communication Sciences and Disorders, Communication Studies, Journalism, and Marketing Communication.

The Communication Discovery Lab, a specially-designed foundation course, is where you’ll begin your studies. You’ll experience classes in each department, meet with faculty, and learn about major current trends in communication practices; you’ll also take other essential foundation courses. Then, in the spring semester, you’ll choose from a variety of electives, which will give you the opportunity to delve deeper into select topics.

Our dedicated team of academic advisors will provide expert guidance throughout your journey in the Discovery program so that you may enter your sophomore year prepared to declare the major—and maybe even a minor—that is right for you.

The SOC Discovery program is available to new first-year students enrolling for Fall 2021.

Discovery Program Courses

SC 100: Communication Discovery Lab

The Communication Discovery Lab will introduce students to major current trends in communication fields and practices. Through interactive and dynamic explorations of communication practices across the programs at Emerson, students will explore both practices and learning spaces across the many programs in the School of Communication. The course will offer a chance for students to experience classes in each department, meet faculty, learn about the exciting opportunities available in each of the programs, and engage with contemporary ideas and technologies that guide the future of communication practice. The Communication Discovery Lab will help incoming students better understand the relationship between community, society, and equity, and how these mindsets are essential to robust careers in communication fields.

Discovery Program Departmental Electives

Discovery Program students may take any combination of up to two (2) of the following electives. Availability may vary according to schedule and class size.

Communication Studies

  • CC 203 Intercultural Communication
  • CC 263 Argument and Advocacy

Communication Sciences and Disorders

  • CD 153 Disability and the Media
  • CD 193 Introduction to Communication Disorders


  • JR 101 Discovering Journalism
  • JR 105 Journalism for Non-Majors

Marketing Communication

  • BC 110 Introduction to the Creative Economy
  • MK 121 Marketing and Marketing Communication