Business of Creative Enterprises (BA)

Emerson’s Business of Creative Enterprises major is among the nation’s first. In it, you will train to join the ranks of executives, managers, and innovators in the arts and entertainment, communication, media, and publishing sectors. You will study among students who have both a passion for the arts and a drive to gain expertise on the business side—in finance, promotion, management, and marketing.

Comedic Arts (BFA)

Emerson's Comedic Arts BFA is the first degree of its kind in the country. It integrates comedic writing, performance, literature, media, and production—and ranges across the comedic formats, from sketch comedy to improv to standup to Shakespeare.

Media Design (MA)

Emerson’s Media Design MA program prepares you for a life and career of improving the world through media, technology, and civic engagement. This program, housed in Emerson’s renowned Engagement Lab, will help you become a leader in the knowledge economy, ready with the skills and knowledge to pursue a wide range of post-degree career tracks.