Are there any age restrictions for the program? 

Applicants must be 18 years old by August 15th, 2022 OR carry a valid Australian passport to be considered for the Global BA BCE: Australia program starting in Summer 2022. Students who are interested in learning about other academic programs at Emerson should reach out to the admission office for more information.

What are the application requirements for the Global BA in Business of Creative Enterprises: Australia?

The requirements are the same as most other undergraduate programs at Emerson.

What is the application deadline?

The application deadline for the Global BA in Business of Creative Enterprises: Australia is the same as for Emerson’s other undergraduate programs. View our deadlines.

For students admitted to the program, when is the deposit deadline and how much is the deposit?

The deposit deadline is February 1 for ED I, March 1 for ED II, and May 1 for all other application rounds. Admitted students must submit a deposit in the amount of $1,000 by this date to ensure that they do not lose their seat in the program.

Does this program allow transfer applications?

Unfortunately, at this time the structure of the curriculum does not allow for transfer student enrollment.

Do students in this program obtain a degree from ICMS?

In this program, you will be considered a study-abroad student of ICMS, and a full-time student of Emerson College. This arrangement will result in a Bachelor’s degree from Emerson.

What does the academic calendar look like for this program?

Once finalized, the academic calendar specific to the Global BA in BCE: Australia will be published online. The calendar, while demanding, does allow for breaks.

Will there be financial aid for the Global BA in Business of Creative Enterprises: Australia?

Yes. We encourage all admission applicants to apply for need-based financial aid using both the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (for US citizens) and the CSS Profile. Applicants do not need to apply using these applications if they are non-US citizens or only want to be considered for merit scholarships.

How will I know if I am eligible for a scholarship?

If admitted into the Global BA in Business of Creative Enterprises: Australia and awarded a scholarship, the recipient will be informed at the time of admission.

What accreditations are held by the schools teaching the curriculum?

Emerson College maintains NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges) Regional Accreditation and this program is registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students. ICMS is recognized in the same manner as all public universities in Australia.

Is travel between Boston, Sydney and the Los Angeles semester program, and my home considered in my Tuition and Fees?

While travel expenses are considered in the Cost of Attendance for the program (which means that you can receive financial aid to help with costs), these expenses are not a part of the direct charges billed to students in the program. Each student will have a different overall cost based on where they originate their travel.

Where do I live if I enroll in the Global BA in Business of Creative Enterprises: Australia?

Housing will be provided to you while in Boston, Sydney, and Los Angeles and will be a separate line item on your billing statement.

In Boston & Los Angeles, students will live in Emerson’s on-campus housing. Please follow the link below to learn about our residence halls.

In Sydney, staying in ICMS student accommodation is the ideal way to immerse yourself in student life, make friends and stay connected with all that the College has to offer. ICMS students have exclusive access to a range of convenient and fully-furnished accommodation options in one of Sydney’s most desirable and exciting neighborhoods. You will stay in a room in Manly’s iconic beachside ‘castle on the hill’ during your time at ICMS.

Explore student accommodation options:

You will have the choice of a single, double, twin share bunk, triple or quad dormitory room, depending on your budget, residential preference and availability. Shared rooms are single sex but are allocated randomly for cultural experience.

Other facilities include wireless internet, 24-hour access to computer labs, as well as the luxury of being in close proximity to classes, and the world-famous Manly beach. Rooms are equipped with a desk, wardrobe, heating and wireless internet. All linen is provided and rooms are serviced once a week. Each floor is equipped with a kitchenette, common showers, toilets and ironing facilities. You will also receive residential support from the residential assistants, senior ICMS student leaders who live on campus.

How are meals provided?

Students will be able to take advantage of Emerson’s meal plans while in Boston and Los Angeles.

In Sydney, students who live on campus enjoy a fantastic lifestyle with all meals provided on campus. Self-service buffet style is available for students for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the weekdays and brunch and dinner on the weekends.

When will my bill be due for the Global BA if I start the program in the Summer term?

Emerson will ask that balances will be paid in full by the start of the semester/term and will communicate deadlines well in advance of enrollment decisions.

Must I be full-time to enroll in the Global BA in Business of Creative Enterprises: Australia?

Yes. It is anticipated that you will enroll and graduate with your cohort. Any deviations from the academic plan would need to be approved by both Emerson College and ICMS.

What types of student services are available to students while at Emerson College and ICMS?

While in Boston, students will have access to Emerson's student services; however, some offices or facilities may have limited or varied hours during the summer. When students are in Sydney, they will have access to ICMS’ student services. Learn more about Emerson’s student services and ICMS’ student services.

Will I need to purchase health insurance?

While in Boston, you must either purchase the student health insurance or submit a waiver proving comparable health insurance coverage. While in Australia, students will need to enroll in separate health insurance through the Australian government. Please follow this link to learn more.

What types of internships will be available to me while in Boston, Sydney & Los Angeles?

The list of opportunities is in development and will be published once finalized. It is anticipated that there will be many different options for professional development while enrolled in this program. To learn more about Emerson’s Career Development Center, click here. To learn more about the internship opportunities at ICMS, click here.

How do I obtain a visa to study in Australia?

Visit the Visa Information page for detailed instructions on how to obtain your Australian study abroad visa.

Have additional questions?

Please reach out to Erik Osborne, Associate Director of Admission, by emailing frederik_osborne [at] or by calling 617-824-8600.