The International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) is an award-winning, accredited institution focusing on business, management, and marketing. ICMS attracts ambitious students and experienced faculty from around the world. This mixture of cultures and backgrounds creates a global feel to the classroom experience and helps prepare students for future international careers.

With campuses in both Manly and downtown Sydney, ICMS provides ideal settings for students to learn, complete internships, build their networks, and become global citizens. The City Campus is located in the heart of Sydney’s business district and offers students a modern and convenient study experience. The Northern Beaches Campus in Manly has a rich history as the former site of St. Patrick’s Seminary. Also called the “Castle campus,” this Gothic-style building has served as the setting for blockbuster films and high-profile events. Students benefit from ample outdoor study space as well as extensive campus facilities, including: computer labs, spacious classrooms, lecture halls, a comprehensive library, tennis and basketball courts, and the beautiful Grand Dining Room.

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