About the Program

Emerson College’s BFA in Theatre & Performance is an outstanding actor training program that combines the rigor of sequential studio courses with the flexibility to explore a diverse world of possibilities. After you complete the Actor Training Core in the first two years, you can choose from an array of options based on your interests, aspirations, and input from your faculty mentors. Whether you spend a semester at our Los Angeles campus, add a minor to your schedule, or find the perfect internship, you can combine your studies to match your goals in ways only limited by your imagination. You can continue to study acting for your Junior and Senior years in specialized acting classes such as Action Theatre, Dialects, or Stage Combat and branch out into any number of topics offered by Performing Arts such as Playwriting, Directing, and Dramaturgy. BFA Theatre & Performance is a degree for today’s theatre professional who approaches work with a varied skill set: an actor/director, a solo performer, a fight choreographer—a theatre artist.

As a BFA Theatre & Performance student you are also eligible, along with any student who completes our two year Actor Training Core, to audition for the BFA in Acting. If accepted, you would forego the schedule flexibility of Junior and Senior years, trading those opportunities for the singular focus of the BFA Acting Studio: 14 hours a week of concentrated training for two years. The programs—BFA Acting and BFA Theatre & Performance—are arranged to allow you to study, grow, and explore before choosing a path.

Program Requirements

Requirement Credits
BFA Theatre and Performance  56
Electives 16
General Education Requirements 56
Total Credits 128

To see descriptions of any of the below classes, please visit our course catalog.

Department of Performing Arts Core

Year Number Course Credits
1st PA 101 Languages of the Stage 4
1st TH 141-148 Stagecraft Laboratories 4
1st TH 149 Emerson Stage Production Crew 0
2nd TH 215 World Drama in its Context I 4
2nd TH 216 World Drama in its Context II 4
3rd-4th TH Advanced Drama Studies 4

Actor Training Core

Year Number Course Credits
1st TH 123 Movement and Voice I 4
1st TH 124 Movement and Voice II 4
1st TH 130 Improvisation 2
1st TH 131 Acting Fundamentals 2
2nd TH 221 Scene Study I 4
2nd TH 222 Scene Study II 4

BFA Theatre & Performance Advanced

Year Number Course Credits
3rd-4th PA 334 Acting for Film and Television 4
3rd-4th TH 320 Stage Combat: Close Quarter Combat 4
3rd-4th TH 322 Acting for the Camera 4
3rd-4th TH 324 Dialects 4
3rd-4th TH 330 Auditions and Monologues 4
3rd-4th TH 420 Stage Combat: Historical Weaponry 4
3rd-4th TH 421 Advanced Acting: Special Topics 4
3rd-4th TH 422 Advanced Voice and Text 4
3rd-4th TH 423 Action Theatre 4
3rd-4th TH 424 Advanced Acting for the Camera 4
3rd-4th TH 431 Shakespeare Performance 4
3rd-4th TH 432 The Michael Chekhov Technique 4
3rd-4th TH 471 The Business of Acting 4

Two additional courses (8 credits) from the advanced Acting courses or two courses (8 credits) of 200-level or above electives in PA/TH/DA/MU