ITG Online Intellectual Property Guidelines

  • Faculty member owns intellectual property of original contributions: see Emerson’s intellectual property policy
  • For example, as spelled out in the Agreement, faculty members own the Course Elements.  These are the syllabus, lecture notes, discussion questions, topic notes, presentations, screencasts, videos, assignments, grade feedback or images used in the course.  See the Full Time Faculty Online Course Agreement (PDF), Affiliated Faculty Online Course Agreement (PDF).
  • Emerson owns the Course Construct. This refers to the course descriptions, the overarching learning goals, and the organizational template. 
  • Emerson retains the right to archive the course and to allow read-only access to NECHE accreditors and to “Successor Faculty” who are using the Course Construct.  Successor Faculty will be required to sign the Online Course Access Acknowledgment (PDF)
  • Faculty members will take a Teaching Online course from the Instructional Technology Group that will help faculty new to online teaching break down the course building process into smaller steps. The faculty will need to complete all assignments in Teaching Online on time per the Agreement.