We are aware that it may be best for some students to continue to pursue their degree remotely for the Fall 2020 semester for any number of reasons. The dean of campus life emailed undergraduate students on July 2 to announce the process by which students could request online-only learning for Fall 2020. The email indicated three scenarios in which students might request fully online learning:

  • International students with challenges regarding travel and visa restrictions
  • Students eligible for Student Accessibility Services accommodations due to a documented disability that causes them to be medically unable to safely return to campus in the fall
  • Students requesting a Temporary Educational Adjustment for personal or health concerns that are not documented disabilities but would significantly impact their ability to be successful on campus for Fall 2020.

The priority deadline for submission of the Request for Online-Only Learning form was July 12. Students who met the priority deadline and have been approved to study fully online have received a list of available classes. Not all classes will be offered in an online-only format. After reviewing the list of available online classes, students who have been approved for fully online learning will need to confirm whether they still wish to do so.

If you have not yet requested online-only learning and wish to explore whether it is still a possibility, please contact the studentsuccess [at] emerson.edu (Office of Student Success) (617-824-8650). As noted above, a limited selection of courses will be offered fully online.