Emerson is coordinating student move-in dates and times with the baseline test times at Tufts Medical Center. We know that students are eager to receive specific move-in information so they can coordinate travel. The Office of Housing and Residential Education will make that information available as soon as we have it.

Students must read, review, and electronically sign their new housing agreement in the housing portal before they can view the room assignment and move-in information. All students must arrive on-campus during their assigned time. 

Students will be allowed to have one individual help them move their belongings into their residences.

  • Anyone entering Emerson facilities is required to wear a face cover at all times. 
  • Students are to bring only one (1) individual to enter the residential building with them on their move-in date and time.
  • The individual will need to be registered prior to a student’s move-in date.
  • That individual will be permitted in the residential area for a maximum of two hours, beginning at the start of the student’s move-in time. (e.g., if a student has a move-in time of 2:20 pm, the assisting individual is permitted to assist from 2:20 pm until 4:20 pm.)
  • Emerson is requiring is that the helpers/parents from the higher-risk areas have completed the MA travel form. We will require that helpers wear masks at all times, unless alone in the room with the student, practice physical distancing, and use hand hygiene.
  • The one approved person cannot give their pass to anyone else. If students and assisting individuals do not comply with this policy, they may be asked to leave the building immediately and the ability to move onto campus may be impacted.