• Seating will be a minimum of 6 feet distance in all classrooms. All seating will be forward-facing.
  • When arriving in class, students should wipe down their desks with the disinfecting wipes available at the front of the classroom. 
  • If passing out papers and books, use hand sanitizer before and after. Paperless classrooms present less risk.
  • Students may use the restroom facilities during class and should be sure to wash their hands before returning to class.
  • No food or eating will be allowed in classrooms.
  • While drinks will be allowed in classrooms, hands should be cleaned or sanitized before drinking and the face cover should be removed for only as long as is necessary to drink. The face cover must be replaced immediately following drinking.
  • If they wish, in-person instructors will have the option of using a plastic face shield or rolling Plexiglass plate shield, along with the required face cover, to further reduce the risk of potential transmission.