The Publishing and Writing (MA) program is available full-time or part-time. This program follows a hybrid format with classes available both online and in-person, with most in-person classes offered in the evening to accommodate your schedule. 

The 40-credit hour program includes:

  • 24 credits of Publishing courses
  • 3 required overview courses and the option to do a 4-credit Master’s Project or take an additional Publishing elective
  • 16 credits of department elective courses from our Writing, Literature, and Publishing Department


Core Requirements (16 Credits)

Number Course Modality Credits
PB 680 Magazine Publishing Overview Online or In-person 4
PB 683 Book Publishing Overview Online or In-person 4
PB 692 Digital Publishing Overview Online or In-person 4
PB 698* or PB Course* MA Project or 4-Credit Publishing Course Online or In-person 4

*Master’s Project or Course Option

Sample Elective Course Offerings (Choose 16 Credits)

Electives may be chosen from the Literature, Publishing, and Writing departments. Note: Prerequisite courses may apply.

Number Course Modality Credits
PB 688 Copyediting Online 4
WR 655 Writing the Nonfiction Book In-Person 4
PB 693 Book Marketing & Sales In-Person 4
LI 635 Travel Literature In-Person 4
PB 676 Magazine Writing In-Person 4

Sample Curriculum Map

The sample curriculum map is intended to show the mix of course modalities available each semester. Students may choose to take between 4 to 12 credits each semester.

Program Start (Fall)  Modality
First Fall Semester (8 credits) 2 Online Courses
First Spring Semester (8 credits) 2 Online Courses
First Summer Semester (4 credits) 1 In-Person Course
Second Fall Semester (12 credits) 2 In-Person Courses, 1 Online Course
Second Spring Semester (8 credits) 1 Online Course, 1 In-Person Course

Master’s Project

Your Master’s project can be a traditional thesis-type project that explores an editorial or publishing issue in depth by doing appropriate research and analysis. Alternatively, it can be a project such as a magazine prototype, a book design project, a website, a book translation, or any other publishing project in which the student exhibits expertise in at least two areas of the publishing industry.

To register, you must write a two-page prospectus in the preceding semester. The prospectus must be approved by the project committee chair. 

Previous Master’s projects have included:

  • A fixed layout illustrated e-book
  • A memoir of life in London’s publishing business
  • An editorial style guide researched with and written for MIT Press, Newsweek, Inc., Men’s Journal, Boston Magazine, and The Atlantic Monthly

Alternatively, you may complete a 4-credit Publishing (PB) course in place of the project.