Ioana Jucan

Assistant Professor

A scholar and artist, Dr. Ioana B. Jucan works across the fields of theatre and performance studies, media studies, and philosophy. Shaped by feminist and decolonial practices, her research follows several different yet intersecting threads: mechanisms of knowledge and value production in the age of “Big Data”; aesthetic and political practices of world-making; and diasporic experience. Her scholarly writing has appeared in journals (Performance Philosophy; TDR: The Drama Review; parallax; Revista Caracteres; and others) and edited volumes (Remain; Hello, I'm ELIZA; Adorno and Performance; This and That -- Essays in Live Art and Performance Studies). Jucan’s artistic work spans theatre directing, playwriting, and multimedia performance, and has been performed internationally. Several of her plays are collected in her book, Cosmology of Worlds Apart (NY: O Balthazar Press, 2017).

Jucan is currently working on a project that uses theatre and performance methods, combined with insights from media and communication studies and data science, in order to investigate and map the behaviors of different human and machinic actors participating in the production and spread of dis-/misinformation and to understand how an impression of authenticity gets manufactured in the process. This project is connected with the project Beyond Verification: Authenticity and the spread of misinformation led by Dr. Wendy Chun. As part of this project, Jucan has collaborated with Dr. Alex Juhasz on designing and leading a series of ongoing "fake news" & performance workshops that couple research creation with civic engagement (see here and here).


  • Institute For Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies
    Since 2019


B.A., Brown University
M.A., Brown University
Ph.D., Brown University