Department of Writing, Literature & Publishing

Writing, Literature & Publishing (BA)

Holly Van Leuven wants to focus on literature and creative writing

Writing, Literature & Publishing major Holly Van Leuven now sees that her major opens up so many doors for her in the working world. (Filmed and edited by Emerson students.)

The BA program in Writing, Literature and Publishing will provide you with knowledge of literary history and forms from diverse theoretical and cultural perspectives, as well as skills to read, think, and write critically. You will acquire skills in information literacy and creative writing, with the goal of developing works in one or more literary genres.

Program Requirements

The BA degree in WLP requires 52 credits in the following (no more than 4 credits of internship may be used toward the major):

LI 120 Introduction to Literary Studies

Two courses from the following:

LI 201 Literary Foundations
LI 202 American Literature
LI 203 British Literature

Four courses from any of the 300-level Literature courses

One course from any of the 400-level Literature courses

One course from the following:

PB 207 Introduction to Magazine Writing
WR 211–
WR 216
Introduction to Creative Writing

One course from the following:

PB 307 Intermediate Magazine Writing
WR 311–
WR 316
Intermediate Creative Writing

Two courses from the following:

PB 302 Copyediting
PB 380 Magazine Publishing Overview
PB 383 Book Publishing Overview
PB 395 Applications for Print Publishing

One course in Literature, Publishing, or Writing at the 200 level or above

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