Publishing & Writing Curriculum

While other programs focus exclusively on the business and editorial sides of writing, they often do not delve into literature and writing the way that Emerson’s program does. Our integration of publishing, literature, and writing cultivates your ability to respond to creativity, with creativity.

The Art & Business of Writing

We offer a flexible curriculum where publishing and writing meet. You have the option to choose from book, magazine, and electronic publishing courses, in a program that blends together an overview of the publishing industry from writing and editing through design, production, and distribution. You will be exposed to:

  • developmental, line, and copy editing
  • acquisitions skills
  • publicity and marketing
  • book and magazine design and production
  • publishing for tablets, readers, and mobile devices
  • web design and publishing

Students may also elect to take literature courses and writing workshops.  

Teaching College Composition

Each year, a selected number of MFA and MA students learn to teach writing at the undergraduate level. Teaching College Composition is a 4-credit, one-semester course that prepares students to teach at Emerson during their master’s program and then at other institutions after graduation. Although taking the course does not guarantee a part-time teaching position at Emerson, students who have completed the course are interviewed by faculty and are often offered appointments. Many students find that this foundation in teaching is a valuable tool in pursuing jobs after graduation.

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Master’s Project

For many students, the Publishing and Writing program culminates with a project that demonstrates a professional level of accomplishment in at least two areas of publishing and writing.

Past projects have included:

  • a fixed layout, illustrated e-book;
  • a memoir of life in London’s publishing business; and
  • an editorial style guide researched and written for MIT Press, Newsweek, Inc., Men’s Journal, Boston magazine, and The Atlantic Monthly.  

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