Department of Visual & Media Arts

Undergraduate Programs

Compelling art can only come from a complete artist. Emerson’s Visual and Media Arts undergraduate programs combine foundational liberal arts courses with hands-on immersion in a range of media forms and production techniques.

A student films the hosts of a program for The Emerson Channel.

We offer three degrees in Visual and Media Arts:

The Bachelor of Arts in Production features an integrated approach to media production while offering students the ability to engage in greater depth of study across media fields.

The Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies is for students who are interested in pursuing careers in media criticism, publishing, and industry research. The program provides you with a solid backing in the history, trends, and techniques of the visual and media arts.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Arts Production offers a more concentrated production curriculum that culminates in a capstone project in your chosen medium that features more intensive faculty mentoring and collaboration opportunities.

Emerson Minds

Emerson College classmates Alan Schoolcraft '95 and Brent Simons ’97 wrote the screenplay for the #1 movie in North America, Megamind. The Dreamworks film made $43.7 million at the box office in the first weekend.

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