Undergraduate Admission

Early Action Deferral

Deferral basics

  • Being deferred means your application has been moved to the Regular Decision admission pool. The Admission Committee will review your application along with those applying during Regular Decision. Regular Decision application notifications are posted in the Application Portal by April 1.
  • Admission for Early Action is competitive, as there were more than 2,900 applications this year. Please be assured that we are still giving your application every consideration for admission.
  • You don't have to do anything to accept your deferral. We will automatically review your application again for Regular Decision admission. We will send you an admission decision by April 1.
  • Being deferred does not affect your consideration for financial aid. You should complete and submit all the necessary forms and documents following the Regular Decision financial aid deadline of March 1. Details are available at the Financial Aid website.

Adding information to your application

We welcome additional information about you. To help us assess your candidacy, you may send any of the following:

  • An updated transcript with mid-year grades
  • An additional teacher recommendation from someone who has not already written on your behalf
  • Additional supplemental material, such as a graded writing sample or an update to your list of activities

As a reminder, the address for all application materials is:

Emerson College Undergraduate Admission Processing Center
P.O. Box 880
Randolph, MA 02368-0880

If you have any further questions about your application, please feel free to contact Admission or Financial Aid.