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R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense) Self-Defense Courses

The Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) System is an internationally recognized program that advocates realistic, employable self-defense tactics for women at Emerson College.

The prevalence of sexual assault is an issue all colleges and universities are facing. Most assaults are committed not by strangers, but by people one knows. The Emerson College Police department feels that it is important to offer R.A.D. course designed to teach basic “self-defense” techniques because members of our community have expressed an interest.

R.A.D. at Emerson College is taught by certified instructors who are also members of the Emerson College Police Department.  Each course is three sessions long, approximately three hours in duration over a 3-night period. The R.A.D. program is offered twice each semester and is open to all students, staff and faculty at this time.

RAD self defense courses poster

The Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) System is an internationally recognized program that advocates realistic, employable self-defense tactics for women at Emerson College.

Everyone has the right to be safe in our community. No one ever deserves to be harmed and only the person who commits the harm is responsible for that behavior. Unfortunately, on every campus and in every community, there may be people who try to harm others. Therefore, sometimes people want to learn more about what they may be able to do to reduce their risks of harm for themselves and their community.

Participants will be trained to raise their awareness of aggressive behavior, to recognize how aggressive behavior impacts lives, to take steps to avoid aggressive behavior when possible, and to look at how everyone can be part of reducing aggression and violence. Unfortunately, in a small number of incidents, physical confrontations may be unavoidable. No matter what, no one ever deserves to be harmed.

The goal of R.A.D. is to provide realistic self-defense options, regardless of their level of physical conditioning. Students, staff and faculty at all levels of ability, age, experience, and strength are encouraged to participate.

Members of the Emerson community who are interested in taking the upcoming R.A.D. for Women courses should contact the Deputy Chief Schiazza at eric_schiazza@emerson.edu. Individuals who would be interested in taking a R.A.D. for Women or a R.A.D. for Men course in the future are also encouraged to contact Deputy Schiazza and express their interest, so that ECPD can consider that information when scheduling future classes.  At this time Emerson cannot offer R.A.D. classes on a gender neutral basis because R.A.D. is a program that is governed by a national board, and R.A.D. Instructors are only permitted to teach the curriculum that has been developed by that national board.

Class space is limited but is open to students, staff, and faculty at no cost.

R.A.D. Course Description

Session One

Session One will include 'Welcome to R.A.D. for Women' introductions and completing registration and release forms, conversation with participants on awareness strategies, recognition of danger and steps to avoid aggression, utilizing the R.A.D. student manual. Participants will be taught basic self-defense stances, blocks and striking.

Session Two

Participating participants will review Session One techniques, and be taught basic self-defense techniques involving kicks, striking, bear hugs, chokes and ground defense.

Session Three

This will begin with the participants reviewing Session One and Session Two techniques, discussion of simulation exercises, participants (if comfortable) will participate in simulated exercises with the instructors (the participants and instructors will wear state of the art protective gear specifically designed for this training), discussion of the simulated training, question and answer period, and thank you.