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Business Studies Minor

Emerson College is gifted with some of the most creative young minds in the world, and our students become the leaders of tomorrow in many industries. The minor in Business Studies in Communication and the Arts provides these future leaders with a common foundation and an understanding of the business world, so that they may apply this knowledge to their chosen field and lead meaningful, fulfilling, successful professional lives.

The minor in Business Studies is designed to provide a foundation of business education that can be elaborated upon in a number of ways while students are at Emerson College. The minor is designed to complement the College’s diverse but industry-specific business offerings available in many departments across the College. The minor in Business Studies comprises the following courses:

MB 200 Principles of Business
MB 300 Managing Business Operations
MB 310 Finance and Accounting
MB 400 Business Policy and Strategy

Business-Related Elective (appropriate courses may also satisfy a General Education Perspective requirement):

EC 203 Principles of Economics
CC 203 Intercultural Communication
MB 320 The Business of Broadcasting
MB 371 Topics in Business Studies

The minor in Business Studies is open to any student in any department at Emerson College.

Lu Ann Reeb, Director of Business and Entrepreneurship Studies

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