Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies

Environmental Studies Minor

Participating Faculty: Christine Casson (WLP), Paul Hackett (MC), Steve Himmer (WLP), Jon Honea (IN)**, Brooke Knight (VMA), Bob Nesson (VMA), Charles Oliver (IN), Wyatt Oswald (IN), Greg Payne (CS), Nejem Raheem (MC), John Satriale (School-Comm), Doug Struck (JR)

This interdisciplinary minor examines environmental processes, challenges, and solutions from a variety of perspectives, including science, policy, economics, history, ethics, media, literature, and the arts. Students will explore the relationships between people and the environment, focusing in particular on the sustainable use of natural resources and the causes, consequences, and communication of the complex environmental problems faced by human societies, including air and water pollution, habitat loss and restoration, and climate change.

Students must take three courses at the lower-level, one from the track in environmental science and the other from the track in social sciences, humanities, and the arts. The third can be taken from either of the two tracks. At the upper-level, students will be required to take one 300- or 400-level course.

For the Environmental Studies minor, at least 16 credit hours in designated courses are required.

Students may choose from the following classes (for additional classes always check the semester registration listings):


Environmental Sciences

SC 220 Energy and Sustainability
SC 221 Meteorology
SC 222 Natural Disasters
SC 223 Climate Change
SC 224 Ecology and Conservation
SC 225 Science and Politics of Water
SC 226 Plants and People
SC 292 Topics in Environmental Science
SC 320 Science in Translation: Environmental Science
SC 321 Environments, Ecosystems, and Cultures of the Past
SC 392 Advanced Topics in Environmental Science

Social Sciences, Humanities, and the Arts

IN 123 Eco-Warriors: Message, Rhetoric, and Impact
IN 234 Topics in Environmental Studies
IN 326 Dammed Shawsheen: Blending Ecology and Economics in the Real World*
EC 203 Principles of Economics
JR 320 Environmental Journalism*
JR 364 Climate Change and the Election (by special permission)
LI 217 Literature, Culture, and the Environment
LI 405 Reading and Writing the Environment
PH 204 Environmental Ethics
WR 317 Writing Place and Distance: Art and Environment in the West of Ireland*

*Note prerequisites

**Adviser for the minor