Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies

The most effective artists and communicators are those whose knowledge is broad and multifaceted. At Emerson College, the liberal arts provide the stage that supports our performers, the lens through which our artists view the world, and a medium that students use to express their vision.

Students in the course Africana Thought & Practice.

Unlike a conservatory, focused exclusively on specialized training, Emerson is a four-year college that provides students with a rich and diverse liberal arts education. In recent years, Emerson has strengthened this commitment by establishing the Institute for Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies and appointing a dean of liberal arts.

Emerson’s liberal arts curriculum enables students to examine the world across diverse disciplines and perspectives that add depth and intellectual perspective to their studies. In a world where media platforms and communication technologies are in almost constant flux, the liberal arts offer enduring lessons and deliver the foundational skills and knowledge that will stay with you—and enhance your work and your career—forever.

For further information about the liberal arts at Emerson College, we invite you to read our brochure.

Institute Newsletters

Institute Newsletters

Each semester the Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies produces a newsletter chronicling the news, events, and happenings of both the Institute and its faculty.

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