Department of Journalism

Journalism (BS)

I Am w/ Hunter Reiss

Journalism student Hunter Reiss discusses his passion for storytelling, his appreciation for working in such a creative environment and his responsibility as a journalist. 

Emerson’s Department of Journalism has adopted a dynamic new curriculum for students entering in Fall 2011 or later, and students from earlier classes who “opt in.” The courses emphasize a convergent, multimedia approach to storytelling and news reporting. Students will learn to report and produce news using words, audio, video, and web.

Degree Requirements for Bachelor of Science in Journalism

Students pursuing a major in Journalism must complete 44 credits in the major, including at least three courses at the 300 or 400 level. In addition, all students are required to complete PL 225, U.S. Government and Politics, which may be used to satisfy the Historical Perspective of the General Education requirements.

Required Courses

All Journalism majors must complete 20 credits in the following core courses:

JR 101 Discovering Journalism
JR 102 Foundations of Journalism
JR 103 The Digital Journalist
JR 202 Beat Reporting Across Media
JR 211 Law for Journalists (2 credits)
JR 212 Ethics for Journalists (2 credits)
PL 225 U.S. Government and Politics

Students complete an additional 12 credits from the following:

Cultural Affairs

At least one course from the Culture Pod

JR 240 Sports Reporting
JR 321 Entertainment Journalism
JR 365 Topics in Cultural Affairs
JR 367 Topics in Business and Consumer Reporting
JR 555 Reporting Issues of Diversity

Public Affairs

At least one course from the Public Affairs Pod

JR 292 Public Affairs Reporting
JR 320 Environmental Journalism
JR 364 Topics in Specialized Reporting
JR 366 Topics in Science, Technology, and Health

Students must take at least one course from one of the following platforms:

Broadcast Platform

JR 216 Advanced Audio-Video Journalism
JR 318 TV News Producing
JR 419 ENG/TV News Reporting
JR 561 TV News Magazine and Documentary

Writing Platform

JR 261 Feature Writing
JR 352 Opinion: Columns, Reviews, Editorials, and Blogs
JR 353 Reporting & Writing Complex Stories
JR 354 News Editing and Design
JR 562 The Magazine

Multimedia Platform

JR 220 Interactive News
JR 221 Photojournalism
JR 368 Topics in Advanced Multimedia
JR 450 Metro News Service Collaboration
JR 574 The Press and Propaganda

All students complete a capstone course:

JR 490 Online Publishing Capstone
JR 491 Broadcast Journalism Capstone (note specific prerequisites for this Capstone)
JR 492 Deep Reporting Capstone
JR 493 Backpack Journalist
JR 595 Multimedia Journalism Capstone (summer only)

An additional 8 credits of Journalism courses are required for the major. Only 4 credits of internship may be counted toward the major requirements.