Student Media

Student Media & Productions

Students throughout the College participate in a wide range of on-campus media organizations, including two radio stations, a television station, a number of magazines and literary journals, and an online news service. Student-produced media include:

Reporters write their stores for The Berkeley Beacon.

The Berkeley Beacon

Created in 1947 and issued every week during the academic year, The Berkeley Beacon is a college newspaper, which is student produced. All staff positions are open to students.

Office Location: 150 Boylston Street, Room 145;

The Emerson Channel
A filming by The Emerson Channel

The Emerson Channel

The Emerson Channel is a leading college television network that functions as both a content distributor and producer, and is the College’s premier outlet for students’ film, video, and other creative works. The student-run organization is maintained by a staff of more than 100 who are involved in production, broadcast operation, promotion, and programming. The Emerson Channel is dedicated to training students in a professional environment in preparation for life after graduation.

Emerson Independent Video (EIV)

The student-run Emerson Independent Video organization serves the College community and gives students hands-on experience in all phases of television production in a professional environment. EIV produces a number of television shows, including the College’s annual EVVY Awards, Emerson’s equivalent of the Emmy Awards.

Emerson Talk and Information Network (ETIN)

ETIN is Emerson’s student-run talk radio channel, featuring sports, news, politics, and talk programming. Visit ETIN’s website to listen to live streaming audio.

JSONS, Journalism Students’ Online News Service, part of Journalism students’ classroom work


Students enrolled in the Department of Journalism produce an online news website and videos as part of their regular classroom work.


WECB is one of Emerson College’s longest running organizations. We are Emerson College’s freeform radio station, which is an outlet that provides Emerson College students a way to be creative while getting valuable experience in broadcast communications and radio. It is an organization that is open to all students regardless of previous experience.


WERS-FM (88.9 MHz), the nation’s highest rated student-run radio station, reaches a potential audience of three million people with its eclectic blend of music, news, and public affairs programming. Visit to listen to live streaming audio and performances.

Visual & Media Arts Organizations

Beat Dynamics

Recognized in Spring 2016, the purpose of Beat Dynamics is to create music videos, allowing students to participate in all aspects of production and providing the opportunity for musicians to have their music visualized and promoted. We assist in the organization, production, and funding of each music video as well as the promotion and distribution of the final product.

Captured Emotion

Captured Emotion is a student-run organization dedicated completely to the documentary and nonfiction work. Captured Emotion provides the experience of pre-production and research, production, and post-production. Each semester, Captured Emotion commences with a pitch session, driven by the students, in which each member prepares an idea for a production relevant to the field of documentary and nonfiction work. The organization seeks to give out experience, while requiring quality as an end product.

Emerson College eSports

The Emerson College eSports Organization is dedicated to providing the undergraduate video game community at Emerson with organized events that promote competition, community building, and professional development. We aim to provide passionate players the necessary resources for them to mix their interests in gaming with their skills in communication.

Emerson Professional Shots, Stunts, and Safety (EPSSS)

The purpose of EPSSS includes but is not limited to the following: to produce large scale filming scenarios and execute them in a professional Hollywood manner with all safety precautions takenlearn how to create and produce multiple difficult tasks as if we were producing a large budget movie with little to no budget, practice practical effects as well as special effects in an effort to teach ourselves how to produce award winning content.

Fashion Society

Recognized in the spring of 2007, PE:FS seeks to represent the creative ideals of all aspects of the fashion industry. It aims to provide an outlet for students who are passionate about the fashion industry and the professional opportunities in this field. The group provides resources for the undergraduate community of Emerson as they develop their personal and professional styles.

Films from the Margin

The purpose of Films from the Margin is to promote discussion and criticism of the artistic and technical medium of film. The organization produces a Film Journal and hosts an Oscar Party and a student film festival.

Frames Per Second (FPS)

Named Student Organization of the Year for 2003–2004, FPS is a student-run organization dedicated entirely to teaching professional film production. It is the only organization on campus that involves many students in the pre-production, production, and post-production of films. It is an opportunity for students to learn every aspect of filmmaking, hands on, before they reach their first production class. FPS turns students into teachers.

Office Location: 150 Boylston Street, Room L147A


spec was founded to develop a forum for students interested in the art of screenwriting; to provide a means for students to explore artistic abilities; and to promote and nurture the interests of those who wish to pursue an education in the field of screenwriting. spec serves the video and filmmaking community by conducting workshops and by hosting annual performance-style readings.

Sweet Tooth Animation

Sweet Tooth Animation provides students not only with practical animation skills, but an awareness of the modern animation scene and the changes its members are trying to bring about through their art. By screening poignant short films at meetings, we encourage members to create their own animations with intent of having an impact on the wider world.


Through teamwork, determination, and the exploration of current technologies, members of this organization create films/digital videos in the genre of action and all sub-action genres and crossovers.

Wax on Felt (formerly Emerson Records)

Wax on Felt (formerly Emerson Records) is a student–operated record company. Students record, promote, and release audio CDs in the commercial market. Students work in production, engineering, marketing, public relations, business management, new media, and graphic design.

Women in Motion
Women in Motion provides both men and women with a chance to make films, attend workshops, and listen to guest speakers.

Women in Motion

Women in Motion is a student-run, production-oriented organization dedicated to providing an opportunity for students interested in filmmaking to further their education through workshops, guest speakers, and most importantly, the experience found in a collaborative and creative working environment. The organization is open to both men and women, while the foundation of the organization is to support women in leadership roles at the student and professional level of filmmaking.

Student Life - EIV Video


The student-run Emerson Independent Video (EIV) organization serves the Emerson community and gives students hands-on experience in all phases of television production in a professional environment. EIV produces a number of television shows, including the College's annual EVVY Awards, Emerson's equivalent to the EMMY Awards.

Dan Rather

Journalists Interviewing Journalists

Emerson journalism students walked the red carpet as reporters at the 31st annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards in New York City. Working on assignment for WEBN, they interviewed other journalists in the industry, including Dan Rather, Jim Lehrer, and Brian Williams.

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