Intercultural Student Affairs

Emerson College is committed to fostering a hospitable environment in which young men and women from different ethnic and racial backgrounds can face the challenges of academic and professional life in an ever-changing world.

The Office of Intercultural Student Affairs stands as a testament to this commitment by providing a wide range of support services including programming, student organizations, and a gathering place specially designed for its multicultural students.

The Office of Intercultural Student Affairs provides a wide range of support services including programming, student organizations, and a gathering place for students.

Statement of Purpose

  • Support and enhance the integration of all multicultural students into the wider College community.
  • Encourage multicultural students to maximize their chances for successful academic and social development by becoming full participants in the curricular and extra-curricular activities of campus life.
  • Engender and maintain an atmosphere where different ethnic and racial viewpoints are disseminated, understood, and respected.

Services & Programs

  • Advocate for the academic, social, and cultural needs of multicultural students.
  • Advise and counsel students on personal, educational, and financial issues.
  • Establish affiliations and create networking opportunities with students, faculty, and staff on the Emerson campus as well as students and professionals in and around the Greater Boston area.
  • Assist students in their search for scholarship, grant, fellowship, internship, and employment offerings.
  • Support the recruitment, orientation, and retention of multicultural students, staff, and faculty.
  • Mentor and guide the multicultural student organizations.
  • Provide educational, cultural, and social multicultural programming.

Activities & Organizations

Multicultural Center

The Cultural Center at Emerson College

Tour the Cultural Center

Tour the Cultural Center at Emerson College: home of EBONI, AMIGOS, and several other campus groups. Students use the center as a meeting and hangout space. Watch now »