Graduate Studies


The Graduate Student Association (GSA) decided in the Spring 2013 semester to establish a new award, the Mini-Grant. The purpose of the Mini-Grant is to provide graduate students assistance in professional development.

The Mini-Grant allows graduate students to apply for a maximum of $100 over their course of their time at Emerson. Mini-Grants are useful in attending local professional development events or in covering the cost of event conference fees. Students who are seeking more than $100 should apply for a Professional Development Grant (PDG). If a student is awarded a mini-grant and has not received a Professional Development Grant, they will be eligible to apply for a Professional Development Grant in the future. Likewise, students who have received a Professional Development Grant in the past can apply for a Mini-Grant.

Students can apply for Mini-Grants by using the application form found on the Professional Development Grant site. The Graduate Student Association holds the right to approve or deny the request for Mini-Grant funds.

Mini-Grant Restrictions

Mini-Grants generally follow the same guidelines and restrictions as Professional Development Grants. Students should carefully read the Professional Development Grant Guidelines before applying for a Mini-Grant. The Mini-Grant has several restrictions that are unique to Professional Development Grants:

  • Professional Development Grants that have already been awarded will not be retroactively turned into a Mini-Grant.
  • Students cannot combine Professional Development Grants and Mini-Grants for the same event.

Please note that the Graduate Student Association and the Office of Graduate Studies hold the right to cancel or alter the Mini-Grant at any time. If the Mini-Grant is cancelled, no further funding can come from the award.

Applying for a Mini-Grant

Students looking to apply for a Mini-Grant should complete the PDG Application. There is an option to say you are applying for a Mini-Grant in the application.

E-mail with any questions.