Graduate Studies

International Graduate Students Take In Cape Cod

Vicky (Yinfei) Cheng

May 21, 2012

Cathryn Edelstein with international graduate students
Cathryn Edelstein (standing, center) with international graduate students Lynn Lu, Vicky Cheng, Rita Ma, Stella Wang, Ingrid Shen, Jennifer Chen, GiGi Huang, Long Zheng, and Sun Jian.

Cathryn Edelstein, a scholar-in-residence in the Communication Studies department, recently took 12 Emerson College international graduate students to Falmouth, MA on Cape Cod. The following reflection was written by Vicky (Yinfei) Cheng, a graduate student in Integrated Marketing Communication and one of the students who went to Falmouth:

"What could be more comforting than a field trip after exhausting final exams? On the first weekend of May, Professor Cathryn Edelstein organized an overnight field trip for us. Together with eleven other international students, I went to the town of Falmouth in Cape Cod. We arrived at this beautiful place on Saturday morning, and went to the center of town for a delicious lunch. After that, we took a nice long walk to Falmouth Heights, where there was a beach and endless ocean. The weather was not that good, and it began to rain after a while. However, this did not affect our mood, we still relaxed that afternoon, playing Frisbee and collecting rocks and sea glass. We also attended a local Spanish Festival celebrating Cinco de Mayo. People there were playing traditional Mexican music, drinking Margaritas, and eating tacos. It was so amazing to experience a different culture, and it triggered my interest to travel to Mexico. We went to a restaurant called the Flying Bridge for dinner, and for the first time, we all tried fried clams. They were amazing! We ate all the delicious food, had a nice chat and enjoyed ourselves a lot.

The weather on Sunday was quite amazing and we were really happy about that, because we were going to take a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard. The view of the ocean from the ferry was stunning. We reveled in the beautiful scenery of the island even before we docked. We did not spend too much time on the island because we had to rush back to catch the bus, so we only took a walk along the beach there. It was a pity that we were not able to visit the famous lighthouses on the island. However, I believe that pity is the best trigger for a trip back. I really hope we can pay another visit there soon."