Creating and maintaining a budget is key to a successful project/event. You will need to determine what your expenses will be for the project/event. Be sure to include pre-project items (like registration fees), equipment, travel, and material costs. Each project or event will have different budget items.

A sample budget form (PDF) can assist you with determining what your expenses will be. When you submit your EEF application (PDF), you will need to complete a budget form (PDF). The application will not be considered without a completed form and you cannot be considered for more funds than what is on your budget report.

For more information on budgeting, please utilize Money Matters. Money Matters is a financial education program that will allow current students and alumni to learn about personal finance, using credit wisely, identity theft and other topics. There are different components to the Money Matters program, allowing students and alumni to pick and choose how they can utilize and benefit from the program offerings. There will be campus events, one-on-one counseling, webinars and an online component called SALT.