Emerson Enhancement Fund


The EEF has been established by donors to help support the educational experiences of students with high demonstrated financial need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid. Application submission deadlines must be met in order to be considered.

Fall semester deadline is October 15th

Spring semester deadline is February 15th

Application items:

All items must be completed and submitted by deadline in order to be considered.

In addition, award recipients must submit the EEF Grant Report form (PDF)  within 30 days of project completion. Further information regarding reporting requirements will be included with funding approval notification.

Please submit all application materials via the online submission forms. If unable to submit online, other delivery options are to drop off at the Office of Financial Aid located in 216 Tremont St, 4th floor, fax to 617-824-8619 or email to finaid@emerson.edu.

Important: Right-click and save PDFs before opening. Opening in your browser will not allow for an e-signature and other functionality. For help with this function, go to https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/using/display-pdf-browser-acrobat-xi.html

  1. EEF Application (PDF)
  2. EEF Statement of Support (PDF)
  3. EEF Budget Form (PDF)
  4. EEF International Student Household Budget Form (PDF)- only required for international students