Emerson Enhancement Fund (EEF)

The Emerson Enhancement Fund (EEF), generously established by Leo and Patti Wheeler Hindery (P’15), invites Emerson College students with an identified financial need to enrich their collegiate experience by securing additional funding for extra-curricular programming, event attendance, creative and/or research projects. This fund has been established by gracious donors to help support the education experiences of undergraduate and graduate students with high demonstrated financial need.

Financial need is determined by the Office of Financial Aid. Awards can range from $250 to a $4,000 maximum.

Examples of Enhancement Opportunities:

  • unpaid internships
  • study abroad travel expenses
  • film projects
  • educational research
  • conference travel
  • other plans that would enrich the student’s experience beyond regular classroom interaction

Successful Applications will:

  • demonstrate financial need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid (all financial aid applications must be complete)
  • detail clearly the nature of the proposed initiative
  • provide an explanation as to why this initiative particularly interests the student
  • explain the anticipated impact of the grant upon his or her Emerson experience
  • provide a simple budget form
  • provide a brief statement of support from faculty or administrative staff member
  • meet the published deadlines

The EEF Fund Committee will review qualified requests. EEF Committee members include: Director of Diversity Education and Human Relations, Associate Dean of Students, Associate Vice President of Enrollment and Student Financial Services, Vice President of Development and Alumni Affairs, and the Senior Advisor to Academic Affairs for Undergraduate Education.

Received funds must be used during the course of the current academic year.