Kasteel Well


Alcohol/Drug Policy

The legal drinking age in The Netherlands is 18. Emerson students are prohibited from purchasing alcohol off-campus and bringing it on castle property. Alcohol is not allowed on campus. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed in the student rooms, hallways, lobbies, lounges or other public area on Kasteel grounds (including the gardens) unless authorized by Emerson College European Center Kasteel Well Administration.

"Dulcia’s Lounge" serves as the campus gathering place. It is a place of historic significance and holds a number of notable treasures. Soft drinks, coffee and snacks are available for purchase. Beer and wine are available for purchase two evenings per week. There is a maximum of 3 drinks per person.

Drug use or drug paraphernalia of any kind is forbidden. During your travels in Europe, be aware that the laws on illegal substances/drugs vary from country to country.

Alcohol and drug violations or abuse are not tolerated and will result in a minimum fine of €50. The abuse will be reported to the Boston campus and judicial action will be taken. Violations of this policy will result in fines, disciplinary probation, and/or suspension.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the castle properties. Smoking is only permitted outdoors.

Mobile Phone Requirement

For safety purposes, all students participating in the program must now carry a mobile phone that functions in Europe, including the Netherlands and any countries visited during the program. You must be reachable by phone throughout the duration of the program.

Before the start of each semester the Office of Student Affairs at Kasteel Well offers each castle student the chance to order a standard Euro cell phone plus SIM card for around €15. Details on how to sign up for his phone will be provided to students a few months before departure for the castle.

Please review the Cell Phones, Computers and Electricity section for more details.


Due to space constraints, students are not allowed to have overnight guests. Students are welcome to have guests in common areas 10:00 am–11:00 pm and are responsible for registering them through the Student Services Center. Students are expected to remain with their guests at all times. Some reasonably priced local bed and breakfasts are the Grote Waaij, Het Vijf Sterrenhofje and La Belle Meuse. Also, there is a 4-star hotel in the town of Wellerlooi, a 10 minute drive from the castle.

Grote Waaij Hotel- Auberge

La Belle Meuse Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast Het Vijf Sterrenhofje

Hostellerie de Hamert

Kevelaarsedijk 1
5855 GC
Well (L), The Netherlands

Grotestraat 36
5855 AN
Well (L), The Netherlands

Sterrenbos 5
5855 BR
Well (L), The Netherlands
Hamert 2
5856 CL
Wellerlooi, The Netherlands

Tel. 011-31-478-501-641


Single - €25 (without breakfast) With breakfast: €37.50+ Double - €75

Please check the website for current pricing

Tel. 011-31-478-502-449


Prices vary according to length of stay.
One night: €95, 2 nights: €85, 3nights €80 (including breakfast)

Tel. 011-31-478-501-836


€29 per person per night including breakfast

Tel. 011-31-77-47-31-260


(4 star hotel)  €133  and up

Fanny, owner of La Belle Meuse, a bed and breakfast spot in the village of Well

Travel Policy at the Castle

Emerson students are required to sign out and provide Kasteel Well staff with their travel destination and contact information before commencing overnight travel. OSA (Kasteel Office of Student Affairs) needs to know where you are every weekend in case of emergencies. A fine will be imposed if you do not write down your whereabouts every weekend.

Withdrawal from the Program

If you decide, for any reason, that you must withdraw from the program, you will need to submit formal notice in writing to the External Programs Office. A phone call is not sufficient notification. You must send written notice from your Emerson email account to castle@emerson.edu or by regular mail, or drop it by the International Study and External Programs Office in the Little Building, 80 Boylston Street, Room 121.

Program deposits are nonrefundable and nontransferable. If you withdraw from the program within 60 days before the departure date, extra charges may be applied to your student account.

On-Campus Housing Policy

The Office of Housing and Residence Life (OHRL) will contact students who will be enrolled at Kasteel Well during their semester abroad. OHRL will provide information to students about housing options and preferences for their next semester back in Boston. View information about on-campus residency requirements for your return semester to the Boston campus. For more information, contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life directly via email at reslife@emerson.edu or by phone at 617-824-8620.

Class Attendance Policy

There is a strict class attendance policy at the castle. You may miss each 4-credit class once before midterms and once after midterms without penalty or prejudice as long as it is approved in advance by your instructor(s), and does not conflict with exams, class presentations, etc. You may not use these cuts in conjunction with the extended travel break, either immediately before or immediately after. Unexcused absences (other than illness or a doctor’s appointment) may result in the lowering of your final grade for a course.

Minimum GPA Policy

To remain eligible for the program, Kasteel Well Program participants are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 for fall and spring semesters. If you believe you may have an academic issue that might affect your program eligibility, please make an appointment with David Griffin, Director of International Study and External Programs, as soon as possible. We will review transcripts at the end of each semester, after grades are posted. If there is an academic problem, we will attempt to contact you over the break at whichever address, phone, or email address we have on file for you. Serious academic problems may result in dismissal from the program.

Information Sessions


Once students are accepted into the program, they will be required to attend an information session. Information sessions are held in mid-October for spring attendees and mid-March for fall term participants.

Program staff will brief students about what to expect and answer any questions or concerns regarding the program. A packet of important information will be handed out. After the information sessions are held, housing forms will be emailed to students so they can begin the process of room and roommate selection.

Mandatory Meeting Dates - attend one of these meetings:

  • Castle Spring 2015 Information Session - Wednesday, October 15, 2014 from 6pm - 8pm - Walker Building, 120 Boylston Street, Room 202
  • Castle Spring 2015 Information Session - Thursday, October 16, 2014 from 2pm - 3:45pm - Walker Building, 120 Boylston Street, Room 417