About the Kasteel Well Program

Kasteel Well Program

The Kasteel Well program in the fall and spring encourages students to become more aware and more independent. (Filmed and edited by Emerson College students.)

The program's special curriculum draws on the rich resources of its location to promote cross-cultural awareness and an understanding of worldwide communication.  

Kasteel Well is a national historical monument dating from the 14th century. It provides living and dining accommodations, classrooms, a student center and pub, offices, and a performance area for students, faculty, and staff. The surrounding grounds offer opportunities for various outdoor sports. Well-located in southeastern Holland near the German border, it is approximately two hours from Amsterdam and Brussels and five hours from Paris by easily accessible mass transit.


The courses offered at the castle will change from semester to semester. Please see our sample course offerings for fall and spring terms.

Rob Duckers explaining painting to a student
Professor Rob Duckers explaining the details of a painting to a castle student.

Applying to the Program

Students should apply during their first semester, freshman year (one year in advance of attendance). This program is geared toward sophomores, although juniors and seniors are also eligible to attend. How to apply »

At this time, the Kasteel Well Program does not take non-Emerson students.

Kasteel Well

Kasteel Well

The Castle Opens Up Students' Minds to
Other Cultures

Find out what it's like to live in a 14th–century European castle—possibly one of the few opportunities you'll have to spend a significant amount of time outside of the United States.