Kasteel Well, The Netherlands

The Kasteel Experience w/ Sapni Ponguleti

Emerson student Sapni Ponguleti discusses her experience immersed in European culture.

A restored 14th-century medieval castle is home to Emerson College's premier Education Abroad Program in Well, The Netherlands.

Emerson College offers a unique program of academic learning supported by exposure to European cultures, civilizations, and languages. Kasteel Well is home to 85 Emerson students for three months each fall and spring term. During the summer months the castle hosts shorter term summer programming.

There are 85 beds at the castle and students are selected by random lottery for fall and spring semesters. Students must apply one year in advance of study, which means that incoming freshmen should apply to the castle program their first semester at Emerson in order to have the opportunity to attend the castle program the fall or spring term of their sophomore year. Juniors and seniors are welcome to apply, but must be able to make a 16 credit course schedule. Musical theater students and BFA acting students can only apply for summer study at the castle. The course offerings at the castle are geared toward sophomores because the program primarily offers General Education Curriculum courses.

Situated in the town of Well, Kasteel Well has a rich architectural heritage. Emerson College takes pride in all our castle buildings and strive to maintain their historic and cultural integrity, while providing a quality atmosphere conducive to the educational process. Students are an integral part in helping maintain our European campus. Kasteel Well moats and lush gardensMoats and lush gardens contribute to the magic of this setting, while courses with a European focus provide the substance of serious academic pursuit.

Emerson challenges students to think and communicate with clarity, substance and insight. Its distinctive curriculum, founded in the oral tradition, integrates communication with the liberal arts and emphasizes a global perspective, rigorous academic inquiry, practical experience and the application of relevant communication technologies. Within a climate supportive of diversity, civility and freedom of expression, Emerson students become ethical, informed and articulate participants in society.

At Kasteel Well, strong emphasis has always been placed on academic performance and the well-balanced learning process of a student. Study at Kasteel Well is combined with extensive travel and exploration of the cultural and historical offerings of several major cities of Europe. Independent travel is an important component of the Kasteel Well experience. Our goal is to help you become an experienced, competent and independent traveler. Travel meetings will be scheduled periodically throughout the semester at Kasteel Well. For each student it is mandatory to attend these Travel Meetings. Fall semester students and their professors will travel to Amsterdam and Vienna. During the spring semester, the group will travel to Madrid and Amsterdam.

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Kasteel Well

Kasteel Well

The Castle Opens Up Students' Minds to
Other Cultures

Find out what it's like to live in a 14th–century European castle—possibly one of the few opportunities you'll have to spend a significant amount of time outside of the United States.