Visas & Passports

Obtaining a Visa

Every U.S. citizen wishing to travel to China must submit a Chinese visa application. No traveler, including business and pleasure travelers, as well as students, will be admitted to the country without a Chinese visa. You cannot apply in advance of your trip by more than three months. However, the more time you can allow for processing of your application, the better. 

  • CUC will arrange for a letter of invitation for each student as proof of participation in the program for the visa application.
  • Your passport must have at least 2 blank pages for the Chinese visa.
  • View State Dept. International Travel regulations for China.

Obtaining a Passport

Any U.S. citizen traveling to China must have a valid passport that does not expire within the time period of her or his travel plus six months beyond the date of return to the United States. 

  • $110 fee plus $25 fee to be paid to the acceptance facility (or $110 for renewal of passport)
  • Two (2) official passport photos
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship (i.e., previous passport, certified birth certificate, etc.)
  • Proof of identity (i.e., driver’s license, previous passport, government I.D., etc.)

Once your application is complete, your passport should be mailed to you within 25 business days. It will be valid for ten (10) years.

To obtain a passport within 14 days of departure, call 617-878-0900 to schedule an appointment at the passport office in the Thomas P. O’Neill Federal Building at 10 Causeway Street (next to the TD Banknorth Garden), Room 247.

View comprehensive information on obtaining U.S. passports and download the application forms and instructions. Please make arrangements to secure your passport as soon as possible.

Passport Tips

  • REMEMBER TO SIGN YOUR PASSPORT: It is not valid until you do.
  • In the event your passport is lost or stolen, contact the local U.S. Embassy or Consulate and the local police in the country in which you are traveling. If you are an American citizen in China with an after-hours emergency, please call the U.S. Embassy in Beijing at 010-8531-4000. If you are calling from the United States, dial (011-8610) 8531-4000.
  • Leave a photocopy of your passport with your parents or responsible family member so they can assist you from home, if necessary.
  • View the U.S. State Department's website specifically for students studying abroad.