Sample Course Offerings

All classes will count as elective credits. Course credits range from 2 to 4 credits per class. Students may need to audit classes until they find a 16 credit schedule.

Course Load

Emerson students must register for a 16-credit course load. Emerson students are required to take a beginning, intermediate or advanced Mandarin Chinese language class. The number of required Chinese language courses/credits have not yet been determined.

Fall Term - Courses Taught in English (To be determined)

Language Courses

Subject to change

Elementary Level Mandarin Chinese
credits TBD Basic  Mandarin Chinese
TBD Pronunciation Correction
TBD Chinese Characters & Reading
TBD Basic Listening
Middle Level Mandarin Chinese
credits TBD Medium Chinese
TBD Medium Spoken
TBD Medium Reading
TBD Medium Listening
Advanced  Level Mandarin Chinese
credits TBD Advanced Chinese
TBD Advanced Listening & Spoken
TBD Advanced Reading
TBD Advanced Writing